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WIP / Ff8 steam (2013) Seifer mod
« on: 2023-05-31 20:24:23 »
Sup everybody, I’m currently working on a mod to change squall to seifer, I have changed all models of squall and weapons to Seifers, and his portrait, though he still uses squalls sound effects and renzokuken limit. Anyone know how I might change his limit and or sound effects to Seifers.
I’ve tried using doomtrain editor to change his limit to Seifers but can’t change renzokuken through it.

General Discussion / Ff8 steam Seifer battle model
« on: 2023-05-25 21:23:52 »
Sup everybody, looking for a more permanent battle model character change, I know u can change battle characters through hyne editor but if I change squall to Seifer, whenever he leaves party and rejoins (when changed to another character) he goes in the inactive party members.
Also during the dream sequence the game will crash if squalls body is changed to another character. I would like to create a mod with a squall Seifer swap don’t know if this is possible. Any help is much appreciated :)

Releases / FF7 Sephiroth mod and Zack mod with extras
« on: 2023-05-24 21:05:13 »
Hi all just sharing a couple of mods ive put together with alot of help from Sega Chief and  Quid?.
first iro sephiroth mod is a cloud replacement with battle model and feild model changed to sephiroth with all sephiroths animations.
Second is a Zack mod with cloud changed to zack with soldier first class animations (all hex edited by Quid?) with a few extra character changes added in (dyne, reno, rude, and rufus) with battle models and all feilds changed.

Hey folks, I have a soldier first class enemy **da file and model with Zack head and sword that uses the **ab file of a controllable enemy ( I have a Reno, rude, Rufus, and dyne etc) taken from grimmys shinra mod, the idle, attack, getting hit animation all work fine it just needs a couple animations changed or altered. Can anyone help? Think nfitc1 done a breakdown of this but can’t DM him.

Gameplay / Sup guys new member here , hope u can help me.
« on: 2014-06-09 08:56:32 »
Sup guys sorry is this is in the wrong section , this is my first time posting in here.   :o I recently bought the steam version of FF7 for PC and An amazing guy called sega chief created me a sephiroth patch with everything but the field model, so I'm running around in towns and stuff as cloud but in the menu, battle and world map i'm sephiroth, Ive looked  for a full version of a sephiroth patch but they are all too hard to install and the one this guy made for me is super easy to use, I just hace to locate the Data folder through the patch and it does it all for me, can anyone help me out with a field model for sephiroth that is easy to install. Thanx :D

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