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The Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII has some annoying features, that force you to use keyboard/mouse also when you use a controller.
- Just after you push "play", you have to skip an epilepsy warning screen.
- When the game is launched, you have a screen about control binding, and you have to press X on keyboard to go into the game.
- To quit the game, you have to press ESC on keyboard

Is there a way or a mod, to avoid these screens or just bind a controller button, without use external tools like xpadder etc..?

I think should be possible to remove unused movie files.
So, if you use japan audio, can remove english movies, and if you use english audio you can remove japan movies. Probably, delete movie files isnt' a great idea for game stability, so we need some "dummy" empty files to replace real movie unused files.

I would like to change button names in Final Fantasy 8, so to have 360 pad button names instead of generic B1, B2, B3, ecc.
There is a similar mod for FF7, but nothing about FF8
Any suggestion? I don't even know how to begin.

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