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7th Heaven / I hate asking for help but....
« on: 2019-05-27 23:36:11 »
Hi guys, I've been using this mod for years - it's always worked great and I love it. Last time I worked on it was when the Remako beta came out, and it was working great then. I'm no stranger to making this work. I usually get it all set up, and then zip my game and the mod install so it's ready to go when I am. I also have a clean install zipped in case I have to reinstall everything. I have all the mods zipped separately for fast installation. BTW, since load order is so important you can actually rename the mods with #'s in the front of the first 5-6 , then let the alphabetical take over. Anyway, I decided I was going to try the Echo-S mod & also update Remako to the version they've released. With Echo-S I was getting crashes and the game wouldn't start. I kept messing with stuff, even tried installing the newer version of The Reunion Because & Menu Overhaul mod, and followed an instruction for getting it to kinda work with the remako beta mod. Kinda had it working but preferred all my mods from 7th Heaven so wanted to go back to it. But it wouldn't start if I had the Menu Overhaul from the catalog activated - which never happened before. Then I started having issues with the Tweaks and Cheats config, if I had the skip cutscenes and sync Barret Opening checked the game wouldn't load. Now I can't get any of it to work. I have uninstalled, restored my premodded version, my fresh version, tried to remod it, ran the keys cleaner, CCleaner. I've tried using the different .exe files depending on what mods I had selected. Everytime now is just a fatal error - I'll post the screenshot of it. I don't know what's happened, but I miss my mods!! If anyone can shed some light on my issue, I would sure appreciate it!

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