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I dug into the ff7input.cfg file in order to add support for editing your in-game controls directly from within 7th Heaven v2.2. In case anyone is interested, I wanted to share those results with the community in case you want to design/integrate your own custom mapping tool.

First offset is to select either normal or custom controls.
Normal or Custom000 or 1 (Always use 1 for custom controls)

Below are where the offsets can be found for the keyboard and gamepad.

Below are the gamepad buttons and their corresponding values.

Below are the keyboard keys and their corresponding values. Obviously some of these are specific to Japanese keyboards only. Some of them not even in popular use in modern times.

While working on my release of the "Symphonic Remasters: Redux" music mod, I wanted to release a version for those of you that use The Reunion. Unfortunately, The Reunion doesn't name the ogg music files the same as the original game so it would be a bit of a process to hunt down and compare the 2 opposing file names, make sure they match, then rename the original file names to ones supported by The Reunion.

Well, I've done that for you. Here's a little batch script that will rename files from their originals like "gold1.ogg" to "055 Gold Saucer.ogg" for you. Just drop the "RenameMusicForTheReunion.cmd" into the same folder as your originally named ogg files, then run this script. If you'd rather not download the batch file, you can re-create it yourself using the script contents below:

Spoiler: show

@echo off
echo:This will rename all FF7 music files from their original names used in the game like 'ob.ogg' to a new name that is compatible with The Reunion's format like '002 Bombing Mission.ogg'.
echo:To use, simply place the RenameMusicForTheReunion.cmd file in the folder where all of your original .ogg files are, then run it. Your music files will be automatically renamed.
rename ob.ogg "002 Bombing Mission.ogg"
rename dun2.ogg "003 Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak!.ogg"
rename guitar2.ogg "004 Other Side of the Mountain.ogg"
rename fanfare.ogg "005 Fanfare (Junon Parade).ogg"
rename makoro.ogg "006 Mako Reactor.ogg"
rename bat.ogg "007 Those Who Fight.ogg"
rename fiddle.ogg "008 Fiddle de Chocobo.ogg"
rename kurai.ogg "009 Anxious Heart.ogg"
rename chu.ogg "010 Those Who Keep Fighting.ogg"
rename ketc.ogg "011 Cait Sith's Theme.ogg"
rename earis.ogg "012 Aerith's Theme.ogg"
rename ta.ogg "013 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII.ogg"
rename tb.ogg "014 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Alternate).ogg"
rename parade.ogg "016 Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony.ogg"
rename yume.ogg "018 Who Are You.ogg"
rename mati.ogg "019 While Travelling.ogg"
rename sido.ogg "020 Standing on Two Legs is Difficult!.ogg"
rename siera.ogg "021 If You Opened Up Your Heart.ogg"
rename walz.ogg "022 Waltz de Chocobo.ogg"
rename corneo.ogg "023 Don of the Slums.ogg"
rename horror.ogg "024 Blood Trail.ogg"
rename canyon.ogg "025 Canyon of the Falling Stars.ogg"
rename red.ogg "026 Red XIII's Theme.ogg"
rename seto.ogg "027 The Great Warrior.ogg"
rename ayasi.ogg "028 Lurking in the Darkness.ogg"
rename sinra.ogg "029 Shin-Ra Company.ogg"
rename sinraslo.ogg "030 Infiltrating the Shin-Ra Building.ogg"
rename dokubo.ogg "031 Under the Rotten Pizza.ogg"
rename bokujo.ogg "032 Farm Boy.ogg"
rename tm.ogg "033 That Day Five Years Ago.ogg"
rename tifa.ogg "034 Tifa's Theme.ogg"
rename costa.ogg "035 Coast of the Sun.ogg"
rename rocket.ogg "036 The Oppressed.ogg"
rename earislo.ogg "037 Flowers Blooming in the Church.ogg"
rename chase.ogg "038 Crazy Motorcycle.ogg"
rename rukei.ogg "039 Land of Exile in the Sand.ogg"
rename cephiros.ogg "040 The Planet's Chosen One.ogg"
rename barret.ogg "041 Barrett's Theme.ogg"
rename corel.ogg "042 Coal Mining Town.ogg"
rename boo.ogg "043 Flow of Life.ogg"
rename elec.ogg "044 Electric de Chocobo.ogg"
rename rhythm.ogg "045 Turks' Theme.ogg"
rename fan2.ogg "046 Fanfare.ogg"
rename hiku.ogg "047 Highwind of the Skies.ogg"
rename cannon.ogg "048 The Mako Cannon Fires.ogg"
rename date.ogg "049 Words Drowned Out by Fireworks.ogg"
rename cintro.ogg "050 The Planet's Chosen One (Looped).ogg"
rename cinco.ogg "051 Cinco de Chocobo.ogg"
rename chu2.ogg "052 J-e-n-o-v-a.ogg"
rename yufi.ogg "053 Descendant of Ninjas.ogg"
rename aseri.ogg "054 Hurry!.ogg"
rename gold1.ogg "055 Gold Saucer.ogg"
rename mura1.ogg "056 Frontier Village.ogg"
rename yado.ogg "057 Good Night, Until Tomorrow.ogg"
rename over2.ogg "058 Continue (Game Over).ogg"
rename crwin.ogg "059 Jackpot!.ogg"
rename crlost.ogg "060 Tango of Tears.ogg"
rename odds.ogg "061 The Favourite Chocobo.ogg"
rename geki.ogg "062 Debut.ogg"
rename junon.ogg "063 From the Depths of Despair.ogg"
rename tender.ogg "064 Treasured Memories.ogg"
rename vincent.ogg "066 Beginning of the Nightmare.ogg"
rename bee.ogg "067 Honeybee Manor.ogg"
rename jukai.ogg "068 Temple in the Forest.ogg"
rename sadbar.ogg "069 Mark of a Traitor.ogg"
rename aseri2.ogg "070 Hurry Up!.ogg"
rename kita.ogg "071 Great Crater of the North.ogg"
rename sid2.ogg "072 Cid's Theme.ogg"
rename sadsid.ogg "073 A Dream of Space.ogg"
rename iseki.ogg "074 Hear the Voice of the Planet.ogg"
rename hen.ogg "075 Who... Am I.ogg"
rename utai.ogg "076 Wutai.ogg"
rename snow.ogg "077 Buried in Snow.ogg"
rename yufi2.ogg "078 Stolen Materia.ogg"
rename mekyu.ogg "079 The Reunion.ogg"
rename condor.ogg "080 Fort Condor.ogg"
rename lb2.ogg "081 One-Winged Angel.ogg"
rename gun.ogg "082 Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Offensive.ogg"
rename weapon.ogg "083 Weapon Raid.ogg"
rename pj.ogg "084 Jenova Complete.ogg"
rename sea.ogg "085 A Secret Sleeping in the Deep.ogg"
rename ld.ogg "086 Judgement Day.ogg"
rename lb1.ogg "087 Birth of a God.ogg"
rename ro.ogg "089 The Countdown Begins.ogg"
rename jyro.ogg "090 Steal the Tiny Bronco!.ogg"
rename nointro.ogg "091 The Planet's Chosen One (No Intro).ogg"
rename riku.ogg "092 The Mako Cannon Fires.ogg"
rename si.ogg "093 Shin-Ra Explodes.ogg"
rename mogu.ogg "094 Highwind of the Skies (alternate).ogg"
rename pre.ogg "095 Prelude.ogg"
rename roll.ogg "098 Staff Roll.ogg"
echo:All done!


Symphonic Remasters: Redux
Complete FF7 Soundtrack Replacement

What do they sound like?
Listen to the tracks: HERE.

What's New?
  • Adjusted volume that more closely resembles the game's OST
  • Uses only LoopStart, just as the OST does, so it loops correctly with various game drivers
  • Some looping and volume issues corrected
  • Includes upscaled and reworked opening and ending movies, now with the original PSX SFX
  • Re-created from the original lossless WAV files, exported in 44.1kHz/quality level of "7"
  • Smaller file size
  • Ability to individually turn on or off tracks for the best customization and compatibility with other mods*
  • Convenient installation, easy activate/deactivate without altering game files*
*7th Heaven IRO only

From unab0mb:
These tracks from Symphonic Remasters have always been my favorite version of the soundtrack to play with in the game. They stay true to the original soundtrack while improving the instrumentation and quality. For me, the symphonic style just seems to fit well with the game. It seems I'm not alone, as there are worldwide traveling symphony orchestra performances of music from Final Fantasy and the FF7 Remake game heavily uses a symphonic style. As some of you may know, I also worked on a music mod featuring Enrico Deiana's excellent remakes. So, I enjoy listening to both Enrico's and Symphonic Remasters' music while I play the game. Unfortunately, there was a huge volume difference between the 2 sets of tracks. I wanted these 2 mods to work well together in the game without one scene blasting volume while the next scene being too quiet. I also noticed that some people have looping issues with some music mods due to how the metadata was constructed. The original also didn't include movies with sound effects or a modern IRO for 7th Heaven. So, I felt Symphonic Remasters deserved a re-release! See the What's New section above for a list. A huge thanks to Chris Marsh/Symphonic Remasters for his blessing on this re-release and for providing the original lossless WAV files!

From Symphonic Remasters:
I am just some guy from England who loves to remaster classic old video game soundtracks. As a composer, audio engineer and music producer, I have a vast amount of high quality software and hardware to help me remake these classic tracks in the highest quality possible! I do all this stuff for myself mainly – after all, these are my personal reimaginings of the original soundtracks so I’m making them in accordance with my vision while attempting to stay true to what the original composer was trying to do. As such, I don’t expect everyone to love what I produce, or to agree with the decisions I make in these productions. Despite doing these remasters for myself, I have been sharing them online because there are a lot of fans of these classic soundtracks and it seems there are plenty of people who enjoy my productions of them.

Symphonic Remasters - Composer

unab0mb - Volume Adjustments, Loop Fixes, Video Sync, Testing, Mod Creation
Qhimm Forums:

Special Thanks:
Satsuki Yatoshi- Upscaled Intro/Ending Videos
Qhimm Forums:

Daniel L P Burke (DLPB) - Useful FixLoop Program
Qhimm Forums:

Final Fantasy Wiki - Track Names and Descriptions

IRO for 7th Heaven:

Other Downloads:
Manual ZIP for The Reunion:
1. Extract the full folder name (including "SRR") into your FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\ folder. So you will see full paths like FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\SRR\Direct\Movies and FF7\The_Reunion\Custom\SRR\Music.
2. Edit your FF7\The_Reunion\Options.ini file. Edit the line "Mod_ID = "" so it reads "Mod_ID = SRR".
3. Optionally, if you just want to overwrite the original files (be sure to back them up first!), you can replace all ogg files under FF7\The_Reunion\BASE\Music and copy the .avi movie files to FF7\The_Reunion\GLOBAL\Direct\movies .

Manual ZIP:
For manual installation (back up your original files first!):
1. Place opening.avi and ending2.avi in data\movies.
2. Place all ogg files in music\vgmstream or data\music_ogg depending on your FF7 version.

The Steam Summer Sale is currently underway. You can pick up FF7 for $5.99, and of course other FF games and non-FF games as well on the cheap. You even get an additional $5 off if you spend $30 or more. Sadly, C&C Remastered isn't on sale.  :(

Uninstaller for The Reunion R06

You may freely copy, distribute or modify this software. This software is provided “as-is”, has no warranty, and the author is not responsible for any issues caused by its use, including but not limited to, data loss.

The Reunion does not include an uninstaller. Some people have not read The Reunion’s documentation on how to properly uninstall it and incorrectly assume they can just delete “The_Reunion” subfolder under their FF7 game folder. While that removes most of The Reunion, it misses a couple of important key elements; the custom ddraw.dll and Aali driver which many people have stability issues with.

The Reunion documentation also incorrectly states that you can disable The Reunion by setting Disable_The_Reunion = y in Options.ini. This merely prevents the loading of mods, not the custom code or driver. Neither of the above are solutions because the game will always load The Reunion’s custom code and driver no matter what if they exist, even on a “vanilla” game. Furthermore, you must set all your game/graphics/sound preferences in Reunion’s options.ini file to make any changes to your game unless you completely remove the custom code. This installer aims to help you fully clean up The Reunion quickly and automatically, so your game goes back to vanilla and your settings you set in other tools work again.

How to Use:
You must open the zip and run the Separation.exe file. When prompted, point Separation to the root of your FF7 game folder (where the FF7 executable is located). Separation will attempt to automatically detect your FF7 game folder on launch and will suggest it as the install folder for you. If it cannot detect FF7 automatically, it will default to C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII. If Separation suggests the wrong folder, you must click the “Browse…” button and manually select the correct folder that contains your FF7 game.

When the installer runs, Separation will remove the following from the target folder: the entire contents of The_Reunion subfolder, including any mods, settings, or other data you may have added to that folder. Additionally, it will remove Aali.dll, bass.dll, bass_fx.dll, ddraw.dll, The Reunion - Additional.rtf, The Reunion - Help - DO NOT IGNORE THIS FILE.rtf, as well as ff7input.cfg. The ff7input.cfg file is removed to reset your in-game controls to defaults rather than using any custom ones that The Reunion may have installed. You are responsible for backing up any of these files or the contents of The_Reunion folder if you wish to keep them.

Download: HERE

7th Heaven / 7th Heaven 2.x Language Translations
« on: 2020-03-19 11:03:08 »
7th Heaven 2.0 was only available in English. However, we want 7th Heaven to be accessible for more people. So, we have updated 7th Heaven starting with version 2.2 to work with other languages! 2.2 will work with other installed languages of the game, as well as the UI supporting multiple languages. If your language is not listed and you are bilingual with/in English, feel free to work with us on a translation to your language that can be used in future updates.

Current Translations and Progress:
Brazilian Portuguese=100% (Thanks DBZFan102/Andre1070!)
French=100% (Franckie, satsuki!)
German=100% (Thanks Dragoon_2004!)
Greek=~100% (Thanks Leonhart!)
Italian=100% (Thanks Khrone!)
Spanish=100% (Thanks Rukenu for primary translation and LittleTale/youffie for technical corrections!)

7th Heaven - Outdated
Released 8/27/2020

Note: 7H 2.0 users will be prompted to update to if the 'Check for 7H Updates Automatically' option is turned on. Unfortunately, 2.2 BETA users will not be prompted and must learn of the update by themselves due to the developers losing access to the version check site used in the BETA. Sorry!

*The Qhimm Community "Animations" 3.0 mod, 60 fps option is NOT compatible with FFNx (therefore 7H 2.2)!* It will crash your game. Turn it off. The mod will need to be updated in the future to support FFNx.

It's been 7 years since version 1.0. Now, the 7th Heaven Mod Manager has been taken to the next level with version 2.2!
This version makes using mods for Final Fantasy 7 ridiculously simple.

Why should you use this over the original 7th Heaven 1.x? That's a good question!
  • To use this version, just open it, choose your ideal mods, and click Play. That's it!
  • No more messing around with converting your game, load order, or mounting an ISO (Works now even in Windows 7!). It's all built in!
  • Supports multiple languages of the installed game as well as English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish in the 7th Heaven User Interface.
  • Auto Sort button so you don't have to worry if you have your mods in the right load order.
  • Customizable themes including dark, light, and classic modes or create your own!
  • Includes the FFNx driver which adds centered vertical fields (no more big black bar at the bottom), better controller support (including using triggers and d-pad!), antialiasing, built-in cheats like a random battle toggle, speed hack, and soft reset and more. The game will also continue to play even if the window loses focus.
  • Edit your keyboard and gamepad controls directly in 7th Heaven and save them as presets.
  • Comes with new and updated mods from E2QAlyza's Catalog 3.0, Strife98's Mods Of The Round, and Sega Chief's catalog (popular for New Threat).
  • Onboard help, FAQ, and troubleshooting documentation.

Preview Trailer
Watch the trailer: HERE.

Tutorial Video
Watch the tutorial: HERE.

Main Window

Additional Screenshots
Spoiler: show

Game Launcher Settings

Set In-Game Controls from 7th Heaven

Multi-Language Support (Italian shown)

Customizable Themes and available Dark and Light Modes

FFNx Game Driver by TrueOdin

Browse Catalog Tab

Configure Mod Options

General Settings

Changelog for 2.2
Spoiler: show

  • Game Exe: Now Large Address Aware and Windows DEP compatible - Game can now access >2GB of memory and won't crash with certain DEP settings. Greatly increases stability and allows for more complex mods.
  • Game Driver: FFNx replaces old game driver - Choice of rendering API, high-DPI support, antialiasing, window resizing, built-in random battle toggle, speed hack, and movie skip, soft reset, toggle fullscreen/window w/ ALT+Enter, fixes several game bugs, centered vertical fields, better controller support and ability to use triggers and d-pad, audio fixes and enhancements, music/movies continue playing on lost focus, better stability, performance improvements, additional file format support, and more
  • Multi-Language Support: UI now available in Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Spanish
  • Multi-Language Support: 'Game Converter' now works with English, French, German, and Spanish versions of the game
  • Game Launcher Settings: Windows 7 users can now auto-mount game disc using WinCDEmu option
  • Game Launcher Settings: Added support to change MIDI device
  • Game Launcher Settings: SFX/Music volume now pulls from game's registry
  • Game Launcher Settings: Simplified UI layout and removal of deprecated features (High-DPI, Reunion, Code 5 compatibility settings)
  • Game Launcher Settings: Import Movie feature moved to 'Tools' menu
  • Controller Support: Ability to map your game controls directly in 7H
  • Controller Support: D-Pad and triggers support (D-Pad is native w/ FFNx on XInput and emulated w/ 7H on DInput)
  • Controller Support: Create/Edit/Save game control presets
  • Controller Support: Included DS4 XInput driver, ability to use 7H UI w/ DS4 controller
  • Downloader: Better pause/resume/cancel, resume partially downloaded mod, retry install button for failed mod installs
  • Downloader: Added iros://mod/ protocol so mods can be direct-downloaded in 7H via web link
  • Downloader: Replaced code for downloading from Mega host
  • Mod Patches: Added ability to import .IROP mod patch files directly
  • Catalogs: Added Sega Chief's catalog by default to include new mods such as New Threat
  • Setup: Switched to Inno Setup for better install experience, easier 7H upgrade installs, more flexibility and features
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash on startup if FF7 game path is invalid/missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Movie Importer if FF7 game path is invalid/missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Game Driver Settings if cfg file is missing
  • Bug Fix: Don't crash Game Driver Settings if another language set
  • Bug Fix: Updated EasyHook to fix .bin game file loading on startup (Thanks Tsunamix!)
  • Bug Fix: Custom 7H mod functions/variables now working properly (Thanks Carlucci, cmh175!)
  • Bug Fix: Installs from mods in folder format not extracting (Thanks Bonez!)
  • Bug Fix: .IROP (mod patch) downloads/installs fixed (Thanks Carlucci!)
  • Bug Fix: Profile Details doesn't crash if existing mod's variable names changed (Thanks Chrysalis!)
  • Bug Fix: Play with debugging options doesn't crash
  • Bug Fix: 'Music' and 'Direct' folders created if missing
  • Bug Fix: Auto Sort duplicating mod in list if mod used OrderConstraints
  • Bug Fix: Cancel download crash
  • Bug Fix: Wait up to 120 seconds to load game for slower PCs
  • Bug Fix: Minor UI issues

Changelog for 2.0
Spoiler: show

  • New Customizable UI - Shareable themes, sorting, and rearrange columns
  • Built on WPF
  • Improved profile management/details
  • Super easy install
  • 1-click to enjoying your game
  • Single download with everything built in
  • Game Launcher - Makes sure FF7 is always ready to play
  • Built-in replacement for FF7Config
  • Keyboard and gamepad control options
  • Auto mounting game disc
  • No more game converter
  • Auto-Sort mod load order
  • Drag and drop mod load order
  • Treeview style available in mod config window
  • Mod Categories for easier search and auto-sorting
  • Shell Integration - Open and work with mods directly in Windows
  • Powerful new search w/ filters, tags, catalog, and category support
  • Auto-Switch your audio output device
  • Import movies from disc
  • User mod creation tools
  • Additional mod.xml tags for modders
  • HTML Readme support
  • Alyza's Qhimm Catalog 3.0!
  • Mods Of The Round Catalog
  • Pause/Resume some downloads support
  • Integrated help
  • Better logging, clearer dialogs, less nagging
  • Several compatibility fixes
  • Bug fix: Unknown error in injected assembler code. (Code: 5) at EasyHook.RemoteHooking.CreateAndInject
  • Bug fix: Refresh catalog actually works
  • Bug fix: Activate All mods no longer crashes
  • Bug fix: Glitchy scrolling in UI
  • Bug fix: 'Extra Folders' (now renamed) no longer duplicates 'direct' and 'music'
  • Bug fix: Multiple random crash/error/bug fixes throughout for better stability

7th Heaven Developers
rodriada, unab0mb (2.x)
Ficedula, Iros, TrueOdin, TurBoss (1.x)

Catalogs and Hosting
Chrysalis, EQ2Alyza, Lord UrQuan,
Strife98, Sega Chief

FFNx Game Driver
Aali, Chrysalis, DLPB, Extapathy,
Maki, myst6re, Nax, OatBran
quantumpencial, Sebanisu, sithlord48,

Language Translations/Proofreading
DBZFan102/Andre1070, Dragoon_2004, Franckie,
Kaldarasha, Khrone, Leonhart, LittleTale/youffie,
OatBran, Rukenu, Satsuki

Trailer and Tutorial Videos
Creation - Tsunamix
Trailer Voice - James Garris

UltraSound Plugin
ficedula, Martin Barker

Thanks to Jusete for the installer/web artwork!
Thank you to the entire Qhimm and Tsunamods communities for their contributions and participation, whether it be donations, offering support to each other, creating mods/software, feedback, using mods, exchanging ideas, or testing mods/software.

Please Donate!
Many of you have asked about this. If you would like to express your thanks or contribute financially to the further development of 7th Heaven, you may do so  HERE.

Tip: Before you run the installer, CLOSE 7th Heaven and make sure your ISO game disc is UNMOUNTED (right-click FF7DISC1 in Explorer and choose 'Eject')! Download the setup file and run the installer. You do NOT need to install a previous version to use/upgrade to the latest version. You can install 2.2 over any previous version into the same folder if you wish.

7th Heaven (current): SETUP (Recommended) | portable .zip
7th Heaven (old): SETUP | portable .zip

On the web site, you can find:
  • Help/FAQ/Troubleshooting/Mod and Catalog Creation documentation (also built into 7H by clicking the Help button).
  • We recommend downloading mods from the 'Browse Catalog' tab in 7th Heaven. However, mirrors are available for many of the mods if you're having difficulty downloading via the catalogs.

What is this?
This will eventually be a complete in-game replacement soundtrack for Final Fantasy 7.  All tracks are composed by the very talented Enrico Deiana and looped/edited by me.  Enrico is from Italy and enjoys creating video game music remakes as well as original works.  Many of his remakes have become very popular on YouTube.  I was fascinated by his music and reached out to him to see if we could collaborate on bringing his music to a new audience (the modding community) and inside the game.  With Enrico's permission and oversight, we're doing just that.  Some tracks will even have multiple versions to select from!

What does the music sound like?
Check out these and other tracks on Enrico's YouTube channel:
Opening - Bombing Mission:
The Chase (Crazy Motorcycle):
One-Winged Angel:

Technical Details:
-All tracks are created directly from original lossless WAV files.
-They are saved as high-quality 48 kHz OGG Vorbis files with a quality setting of 7 (a nod to the game).
-This setting means a variable bitrate between 224 kbps and 256 kbps which sounds better than an MP3 at the equivalent bitrate.  This is significantly higher than most people store their own music collections and is a good balance of quality vs. file size.
-Loops are created by ear and are not necessarily "bit perfect".
-Loops are created to best showcase Enrico's vision of the track; some loop points may be different than the game's OST.

Current Status=38/94 Tracks (40%) Complete
(Progress tallied up as long as at least 1 version of a track exists)
Spoiler: show

[pre.ogg] The Prelude=Complete
[boo.ogg] Lifestream=Incomplete
[over2.ogg] Continue=Complete
[bat.ogg] Let the Battles Begin!=Work in Progress
[(option 2) bat.ogg] Let the Battles Begin! (FF8 Liberi Fatali Tribute)=Complete
[chu.ogg] Fight On!=Complete
[fan2.ogg] Fanfare (FF7 Style)=Complete
[(option 2) fan2.ogg] Fanfare (Series Tribute)=Complete
[oa.ogg/opening.avi] Opening (FMV)=Complete
[ob.ogg] Bombing Mission=Complete
[makoro.ogg] Mako Reactor=Complete
[kurai.ogg] Anxiety=Complete
[tm.ogg] On That Day, Five Years Ago...=Complete
[tifa.ogg] Tifa's Theme=Complete
[yado.ogg] Good Night, Until Tomorrow=Complete
[barret.ogg] Barret's Theme=Complete
[aseri.ogg] Hurry!=Complete
[ayasi.ogg] Lurking in the Darkness=Complete
[sinra.ogg] Shinra, Inc=Complete
[earislo.ogg] Flowers Blooming in the Church=Complete
[rhythm.ogg] Turks' Theme=Complete
[dokubo.ogg] Under the Rotting Pizza=Complete
[rocket.ogg] The Oppressed=Incomplete
[bee.ogg] Honeybee Inn=Incomplete
[comical.ogg] Honeybee Inn Part 2=Incomplete
[yume.ogg] Who... Are You?=Complete
[corneo.ogg] Don of the Slums=Incomplete
[earis.ogg] Aerith's Theme=Complete
[gun.ogg] Shinra's Full-Scale Assault=Incomplete
[sinraslo.ogg] Infiltrating Shinra=Incomplete
[red.ogg] Red XIII's Theme=Incomplete
[horror.ogg] Trail of Blood=Incomplete
[chase.ogg] The Chase=Complete
[tender.ogg] Dear to the Heart=Incomplete
[ta.ogg] Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY VII=Incomplete
[tb.ogg] Main Theme (2nd half only)=Incomplete
[mati.ogg] On Our Way=Incomplete
[cintro.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (loop)=Complete
[nointro.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (no intro)=Complete
[cephiros.ogg] Those Chosen by the Planet (full)=Complete
[bokujo.ogg] Farm Boy=Incomplete
[walz.ogg] Waltz de Chocobo=Incomplete
[elec.ogg] Electric de Chocobo=Incomplete
[cinco.ogg] Cinco de Chocobo=Incomplete
[(option) cinco.ogg] Chocobo Theme Series Tribute=Complete
[dun2.ogg] In Search of the Man in Black=Incomplete
[condor.ogg] Fort Condor=Incomplete
[yufi.ogg] Descendant of Shinobi=Incomplete
[parade.ogg] Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony=Incomplete
[fanfare.ogg] Parade Fanfare=Incomplete
[sido.ogg] It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet!=Incomplete
[chu2.ogg] J-E-N-O-V-A=Complete
[costa.ogg] Costa del Sol=Incomplete
[sadbar.ogg] Mark of a Traitor=Incomplete
[corel.ogg] Mining Town=Incomplete
[gold1.ogg] Gold Saucer=Complete
[aseri2.ogg] Hurry Up!=Incomplete
[odds.ogg] Win/Place/Show Chocobo!=Incomplete
[fiddle.ogg] Fiddle de Chocobo=Incomplete
[crwin.ogg] Jackpot!=Incomplete
[crlost.ogg] Tango of Tears=Incomplete
[ketc.ogg] Cait Sith's Theme=Incomplete
[mogu.ogg] The Highwind Takes to the Skies (short)=Incomplete
[rukei.ogg] Desert Wasteland=Incomplete
[canyon.ogg] Cosmo Canyon=Complete
[seto.ogg] The Great Warrior=Incomplete
[vincent.ogg] The Nightmare Begins=Complete
[sid2.ogg] Cid's Theme=Complete
[sadsid.ogg] Launching a Dream into Space=Incomplete
[jyro.ogg] Steal the Tiny Bronco!=Incomplete
[yufi2.ogg] Stolen Materia=Incomplete
[utai.ogg] Wutai=Complete
[geki.ogg] Debut=Incomplete
[date.ogg] Words Drowned By Fireworks=Complete
[jukai.ogg] Forested Temple=Incomplete
[hen.ogg] Who... Am I?=Incomplete
[mura1.ogg] Provincial Town=Incomplete
[iseki.ogg] Listen to the Cries of the Planet=Complete
[snow.ogg] Buried in Snow=Incomplete
[kita.ogg] The North Cave=Complete
[mekyu.ogg] Reunion=Incomplete
[weapon.ogg] Attack of the Weapon=Incomplete
[hiku.ogg] Highwind Takes to the Skies=Incomplete
[junon.ogg] From the Edge of Despair=Incomplete
[guitar2.ogg] Other Side of the Mountain=Incomplete
[sea.ogg] Secret of the Deep Sea=Incomplete
[ro.ogg] Countdown=Incomplete
[siera.ogg] Open Your Heart=Incomplete
[cannon.ogg] Mako Cannon=Incomplete
[riku.ogg] The Destruction of Shinra (part 1)=Incomplete
[si.ogg] The Destruction of Shinra (part 2)=Incomplete
[ld.ogg] Judgment Day=Incomplete
[pj.ogg] Jenova Complete=Complete
[lb1.ogg] Birth of a God=Complete
[lb2.ogg] One-Winged Angel=Complete
[fin.ogg] The Planet's Crisis=Incomplete
[roll.ogg] Ending Credits=Incomplete

How do I get it?
There is currently a public preview of the mod, available in the Mods of the Round catalog (included with 7th Heaven 2.0).

When fully completed, this should be available in several formats such as:
-We're proud and excited to say this will be a music pack option in the impressive Echo-S mod!
-Single file IRO that works best with 7th Heaven 2.0.
-A standard .zip file containing just OGG and movie files that you extract to your FF7 game's music and movies folders.

Enrico Deiana - Composer
Donate w/ PayPal:

Mathew Wallace - Mixing, Mastering
E-mail: [email protected]

unab0mb - Editing, Looping, Testing, Mod Creation
Qhimm Forums:
I can also be found lurking on Discord chat rooms with Qhimm, EDMusic, and Tsunamods

Special Thanks:
Chrysalis, LordUrQuan, Strife98, Tsunamix - Testing

Strife98 - Stream Host

Tsunamix/Tsunamods - Inclusion in Echo-S
Qhimm Forums:

Satsuki Yatoshi- Upscaled Intro Video
Qhimm Forums:

Daniel L P Burke (DLPB) - Useful FixLoop Program
Qhimm Forums:

Final Fantasy Wiki - Track Names and Descriptions

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