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It works on Echo S.

I wonder if there will be a Cetra Project version once the Cetra Project gets released....  :| :| :| :|

FF7Voice / Re: [FF7][Tsunamods] Echo-S Voice Mod
« on: 2021-11-19 19:12:52 »
Will New Threat be fully voiced one day?

So I watched an in-depth analysis of the FFVII OG by Doc Nano a few months ago and I realized a connection between all music. Here are the tracks in chronological order:

CH1 Destruction of Mako Reactor 1

1. Prelude - Reunion: Prelude/Sephiroth
2. Midgar, The City of Mako: Prelude/Sephiroth/Jenova/Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting/Shinra/the Lifestream
3. Bombing Mission - Infiltration: Bombing Mission/Main Theme
4. Let the Battles Begin - ex-SOLDIER: Fighting
5. Anxious Heart - False Memories: Prelude/Sephiroth
6. Mako Reactor 1: Midgar/Fighting
7. Mako Ractor 1 - Battle Edit: Midgar/Fighting
8. A Black Feather: Prelude/Sephiroth
9. Scorpion Sentinel: Bombing Mission/Midgar/Fighting/Main Theme
10. Getaway: Bombing Mission

CH2 Fateful Encounters

11. Shinra: Midgar/Fighting
12. Those Chosen by the Planet: Main Theme/Prelude/Sephiroth
13. The Promised Land - The Cycle of Soul: The Lifestream
14. First Contact: Prelude/Sephiroth
15. A Chance Meeting at Sector 8: Aerith
16. The Whispers Attack: Arbiter of Fate/Bombing Mission
17. Let the Battles Begin - Break Through: Midgar/Fighting
18. A Close Call: Bombing Mission
19. The Shinra Creed: Barret
20. The Shining Beacon of Civilization: Prelude/Sephiroth

CH3 Home Sweet Slums

21. An Omen - Whispers
22. Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven: Tifa
23. Noises in the Night: Midgar/Fighting/Oppressed
24. Mako Poisoning: Sephiroth
25. Main Theme of FFVII - Sector 7 Undercity: Main Theme
26. Avalanche's Theme: Avalanche/Barret
27. Scrap Boulevard Cleanup Crew: Avalanche
28. Johnny's Theme: ???
29. Let the Battles Begin! - A Merc's Job: Midgar/Fighting
30. On Our Way: ???
31. The Star of 7th Heaven: Tifa
32. Lurking in the Darkness - Suspicious Man: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
33. Just Another Job (On That Day, 5 Years Ago): Main Theme

CH4 Mad Dash

34. Lay Down Some Rubber - Let's Ride: Bombing Mission
35. Midnight Spiral: Midgar/Fighting
36. Speed Demon: ???
37. The Red Zone: ???
38. RUN RUN RUN/RUN RUN RUN - Instrumental version/RUN RUN RUN - Mellow Version: ???
39. Jessie's Theme: Jessie
40. Moonlight Thievery: ???
41. Disquiet: ???
42. A Tower, a Promise (Dear to the Heart): Main Theme
43. S7-6 Annex Diversion: Midgar/Fighting
44. Ignition Flame: Roche/Midgar/Fighting
45. Under Cover of Smoke: Roche/Avalanche
46. Flying Over the Undercity: Avalanche
47. Main Theme of FFVII - Nightfall in the Undercity: Main Theme
48. The Sweetest Dreams: ???
49. Whispers' Theme: Whispers
50. A cutscene track plays after defeating the Enigmatic Spectre, when Jessie is injured: ???
51. A New Operation: Main Theme

CH5 Dogged Pursuit

52. Target: Mako Reactor 5: ???
53. A brief cutscene track plays just before "Hurry!": Bombing Mission
54. Hurry!: Bombing Mission
55. Hurry! - Time's Up: Bombing Mission
56. Hurry! - Success: Bombing Mission
57. Dogged Pursuit: ???
58. Born Survivors: ???
59. Crab Warden: Midgar/Fighting/Main Theme
60. Heidegger's Frustration: Midgar/FIghting/Shinra
61. a cutscene track plays during the second scene in Heidegger's surveillance room and a shorter version plays during the next cutscene as well: Midgar/Fighting

CH6 Light the Way

62. Undercity Suns: ???
63. Tightrope: ???
64. a variation of "Undercity Suns" (from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack) plays when the party heads for Section H and overcomes the powerful ventilation fans: ???
65. Maze of Scrap Metal: ???
66. Critical Shot: ???
67. Game Over: Prelude/Sephiroth
68. The Rendevouz Point: ???

CH7 The Trap is Sprung

69. I'm Sick of All of This/I hate them all: Prelude/Sephiroth
70. Trapped Like Rats: Midgar/Fighting
71. A Trap Is Sprung: Midgar/Fighting
72. Mako Reactor 5: Midgar/Fighting
73. Eyes of a SOLDIER: Midgar/FIghting/Avalanche
74. Airbuster: Midgar/Fighting
75. A Fall to the Slums: Midgar/FIghting

CH8 Budding Bodyguard

76. Who am I?: Main Theme
77. Aerith's Theme (Piano Version): Aerith
78. The Turks' Theme: Midgar/FIghting/The Turks
79. The Turks Reno: Midgar/FIghting/The Turks
80. Fleeing the Church: ???
81. Respite in the Rafters: ???
82. Flowers Blooming in the Church: Aerith
83. Under the Rotting Pizza: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
84. Under the Rotting Pizza - Battle Edit: Main Theme/Midgar/Fighting
85. A variation of "Under the Rotting Pizza" (from the Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack) plays when Cloud and Aerith arrive at the Sector 5 Undercity station: Main Theme/Midgar/FIghting
86. Rude Arrives: Midgar/Fighting

I have a problem: I tried to open Kimera, but a notification told me "Component 'mscomct2.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid." How would I fix this problem?


With FF7 Remake released we now have the cutscenes of Mako Reactor 1 exploding, Cloud Jump onto the Train, Cloud falling, the Plate falling, and the Bikes!!!  ;D ;D ;D

How do you upscale the FMVS to 30fps?   

I just found new sources for alternate tracks:

Ro Panuganti: Birth of a God

RichardEB: One Winged Angel

Reunion Track: One Winged Angel

Distant Worlds: JENOVA, Cosmo Canyon

Crisis Core: Anxious Heart, One Winged Angel (World's worst enemy), Let the Battles Begin (Living Legacy)

Remake: Midgar - Opening (Midgar - City of Mako), Bombing Mission (Bombing Mission - Infiltration), Fight On (Airbuster), Red XIII (Red XII - Nothing More), Midgar Expressway (Crazy Motorcycle), On Our Way (The Journey Continues - Goodbye City of Mako), JENOVA (JENOVA - Quickening), Descendant of Shinobu (Intermission), Fort Condor, Who am I?, One Winged Angel (One Winged Angel - Rebirth)

Mine will be ENG!

WIP / Final Fantasy VII: The Day of the Reunion
« on: 2021-06-23 02:59:14 »
So I decided to come up with a different experience to enjoy the OG FFVII.

If someone didn't like FFVIIR or doesn't want to wait until Part comes out, then this is the REAL Remake of this game.

This mod is a culmination of many mods that were created by other users.

LIST of Mods fused:
* KoEnma: Materia Music mod
* Grimmy: Replacement FMVs
* Satsuki: SYW Graphics Mod
* The Cetra Project
* Bonez: Cosmo Memory
* Echo S
* Sega Chief: New Threat

The First Remastered Cutscenes:

A NEW Opening (Ft. FF7R Epilogue edited by Yic17 Studio to serve as a Cold Open):

Cloud jumping on a train:

Cloud falling off Sector 5:

-Credits and Sources-

The Black Mages: Those Who Fight Further!, Opening/Bombing Mission, vs Jenova DEATH (J-E-N-O-V-A)

Distant Worlds: Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII, Vs Jenova BIRTH (J-E-N-O-V-A), Jenova Complete, Cinco de Chocobo, The Prelude

The Versions: Aerith's Theme

Siena Wind Orchestra/Nobuo Uematsu: Shinra's Theme, Shinra's Full Scale Assault, Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony, Weapon Raid

FFVII Remake OST: Escaping the Reactor (Getaway), First Encounter (A Chance meeting at Sector 8), Train Jump (A Close Call), The Promise (Home Away from Home), Avalanche HQ (Avalanche), Cloud Falls (Fall to the Slums), Aerith's Home, How You've Grown (A Bitter Memory), Already Waiting (Midnight Rendevouz), Park Date (The First Guy I ever loved), Kidnapped (Girl in the Chocobo Carriage), Those Who Fight, Turk's Theme, Infiltrating Shinra, Don of the Slums, Wutai, The Oppressed, Sewer Traversal (Rough Waters), Aerith's Home Revisited (Elmyra's Reservations), Adopting an Ancient (Waiting to Be Found), Marlene Reunited (A Daughter's Farewell), Descendant of Shinobi, Farm Boy, Costa del Sol, vs Scorpion Sentinel, On Our Way, Battle for Sector 7! (Rematch Atop the Pillar), Fight for Survival (Fall of Sector 7), Electric de Chocobo, Anxious Heart, Flowers Blooming in the Church, Hojo's Laboratory, Tifa's Theme, Gold Saucer (Main Area), Mark of a Traitor, Dear to the Heart, Honeybee Inn, Lurking in the Darkness, Barett's Theme, vs Rufus, Trail of Blood, The Final Descent (J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening), On That Day, Five Years Ago, Vs Ruby Weapon (Arbiter of Fate - Advent), Vs Emerald Weapon (Arbiter of Fate - Rebirth), Vs DIamond Weapon (Arbiter of Fate - Singularity), Vs Godo (The Gigantapede)

Final Symphony: Drowned Out by Fireworks, Countdown

Dissidia NT OST: Knights of the Round Boss (Birth of a God)

Dracula9AntiChapel: Gold Saucer (Other Areas in the Gold Saucer), Lifestream, The Nightmare Begins

Symphonic Remasters: Stolen Materia, Chasing the Black Caped Man, Waltz de Chocobo, It's Hard to Stand on Your Own Two Feet!, Desert Wasteland, Fiddle de Chocobo, Great Warrior Seto, Debut, Mako Cannon C, Parade Fanfare, Game Over/Continue

Bitsymphony: If You Open Your Heart, Mining Town, Cid's Theme, Underneath the Rotten Pizza, Mako Reactor, Hurry Up!

Marc Papeghin: Planet's Crisis (Ending)

Final Fan Tim: Red XIII's Theme, Mako Cannon A, Mako Cannon B, Who Am I?, Can You Hear the Cries of the Planet?, Cait Sith's Theme, Tango of Tears, A Great Success, Racing Chocobo Place Your Bets

Advent Children: Captured (Sign), The Promised Land (The Aftermath of Sector 7), Prd Clod (Fight in the Forgotten City), The Great Northern Cave, Vs. Ultimate Weapon (Divinity), Vs Hojo (J-E-N-O-V-A), One Winged Angel, Omnislash (Savior)

Dirge of Cerberus: Lucrecia Crescent, VS Losty (Messenger of the Dark)

Crisis Core: Vs. Airbuster (Those Who Fight - Orchestral version), Into Flames (Prelude to destruction), Gongaga (A Moment of Camaraderie), A Trip with Sephirosu (CC - New Assignment),

Pati Rudisill: Reunion

Sean Schafianski (sschafi1): Launching a Dream Into Space, On the Other Side of the Mountain, Parochial Town, Steal the Tiny Bronco!, Cosmo Canyon

Pontus Hultgren: Buried in Snow, Judgement Day, The Highwind Takes Flight

Possumi: Victory Fanfare

TPR: From the Edge of Despair

Tins of bayt Productions: A Secret Hiding in the Deep Sea

Clement Picart: Forested Temple

Prog Rock: Staff Roll

Carlo Nassar: Hurry!

Enrico Deiana and Matthew Wallace: Crazy Motorcycle Music

Do they work on New Threat and Echo-S?

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