Author Topic: New Threat 2.0 - Yuffie Missed?  (Read 407 times)


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New Threat 2.0 - Yuffie Missed?
« on: 2024-01-14 02:00:15 »
First off, the mod is fantastic! I'm enjoying it, Sega Chief!

That said, I seem to have run into an issue. I went into the mod blind and it seems that Yuffie is supposed to appear in Kalm but she didn't for me. My party never slept while in Kalm which I'm not sure if that has something to do with it. In the forest areas past the mines, I've gotten the Zeigfried encounter. I've gone back to Kalm and I found the Yuffie character model in the upstairs cupboard but all I get is a "Can't Reach" dialogue box.

Am I able to retrigger her appearance somehow or am I just SOL and can't have her in my party at this point?

Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!