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Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2013-02-23 12:11:08 »
Have an error in his shoes LOL

Are you sure you've installed correctly?Because there is no problem with his shoes when I play the game:

Releases / Re: [REL] FF7 Unified Model Installer
« on: 2012-12-06 13:18:08 »
It's not because of the UMI,it's not even a bug.There are some character who doesn't have any enhanced model,that's all.
Least that what i think.

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-12-04 12:00:31 »
LoL, you don't have to rush it.. it's always better to take your time.. since rushed work sometimes result to poorer quality..
I know.Thanks for the advice.

This is how the unmodified whiteraven revised Apz Cloud model turned out:

I gotta size the leg down cuz if I don't,the leg will be too long and so the animations will be jumpy.
Any suggestion?

EDIT:No?Then it's release time!

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-12-04 03:54:43 »
Okay,I'll do it when I have finished the unmodified Cloud model requested by whiteraven(almost).
But for now,i'm waaaay too busy with high school stuff.It took a lot longer than I thought.Sorry, can't be helped.
Anyway,I'll try my best.

Releases / Re: New RedXIII model
« on: 2012-11-26 09:46:33 »
listen to whitEraven.It's hard for us to help you without knowing detailed information.

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-11-21 09:54:23 »
You don't mind?Never mind then.It not bothering me either.Call me whatever you wish.

From now on,I'll have to study like 13-14 hours per day(except for Sunday)so I won't be able to do much with this until next weekend. :(

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-21 03:16:49 »
Whoa,it's a pain to lose all that in a single accident.Specially the 90% Cid model. >:(

Releases / Re: WhitEraven HQ model revision for field
« on: 2012-11-21 03:08:42 »
That's a lot of thanks.And here I thought I should be the one to thank you.My work is not THAT hard,it's just take a long time.

But for me I prefer it  leaner (LoL of course this opinion is biased since i made the lean battle model version)
Well as mentioned above,I'm gonna release another version that leaner,original work you've done.

P/s:Maybe you shouldn't call me "buddy".I'm sure I'm a lot younger than everybody around here.

WhitEraven HQ model revision for field

Hello everyone.
Like you already know,whiteraven did a lot of revision for the HQ model for battle.He isn't able to convert them to field model because he had problem with kimera.So I've decided to help out by converting them to field model and make it look as good as possible.

For now,I've only finished APZ Cloud model.As requested,I'm going to release both the adjusted version and the untouched version.Here is the adjusted version:

Download here:

Here is the untouched version:

Download here

Included all convertable Cloud models.
NOTE:I have problem with the wheel chair model's boots so I used prp boots instead

To do list:
-Convert other HQ model to field
-Convert them all to world,high-us and chocobo

All this could take some time so be patience,friends.

Where do I put the avatars? I cannot find a folder which contains them.
Put it in : Your_ff7_directory\mods\Your_modpath\Menu
Example : C:\Program Files\Squaresoft,Inc\Final Fantasy VII\mods\My mods\Menu

Install Aali's custom driver first

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-19 01:29:36 »
Okay then.I'll do my best. :)
Just so you know,since I'm about to finish the adjusted one,I'll release it first.

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-18 14:46:56 »
I see.The thing is,I already made adjustment on cloud model:

If I didn't,it'd look nearly like this(sorry,haven't converted yet):

Which one should I release?Normal,adjusted,or both?

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-18 10:55:44 »
I have some news about the field model:

*Bad news:
-School is taking most of my free time so the field model won't come anytime soon.
-My PC is slow and have problems with battle model.Everytime i click on a battle part in kimera,the message:"Runtime error 6:overflow" just keep poping up and then kimera crashes,so its hard for me to tell which file is what.
-I still don't know how to get the field models to blink.

*Good news:
-I'm having a few days off so i will have more time to spend with field model
-The revision of apz cloud is almost done.All that left is the boots and convert it to other field model.

-When converting battle models to field,should i make adjustments(you know,like making cloud look not lanky.)or keep it as it is?
-I think Barret's AC gun for field is a bit too much.Should I size it down?
-Why the revised buster sword looks bigger than other weapon?

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-13 09:42:00 »
With converting to field? sure.. I don't really mind.. you can even release it as your own ;D

I'm really not interested in releasing it at my own.It's just not feels right.I mean converting battle model to field is a simple task,anyone can do it if they try(unless they have problems such as yours)

Should I upload it here or in a new thread when it's done?

Releases / Re: whitERaven Model Revisions
« on: 2012-11-13 03:47:28 »
Sorry, Can't do, as I explained many times before My Laptop and kimera seems to have troubles when dealing with field models.. It crashes and lags a lot that it's annoying so I'm limited to battle models for now. I believe JLoutlaw did a Chocobo/field/world retex on the tifa model using my edited textures I think you can still download it at the big list of mods, Also if anyone can do conversions of this battle models if they want to, it's fine with me ;D ;D ;D

Btw I lost my files due to HDD failure so it may take sometime before I can continue on the projects I'm working on. ;D
Can I help you with that?

Graphical / Re: Removing characters mouths?
« on: 2012-10-31 13:19:00 »
You need to know how things work in ff7.
The HRC isn't have any texture or model inside.It's a skeleton that stick the model together and apply texture on them.In other word,the HRC file and the texture file are totally different so you can't extract anything from hrc file.A model is a group of different file,this is what these file actually are:
-hrc file:skeleton I mentioned above
-p file:model part(arm,leg,head,sword,gun,...)
-tex file:the textures that used on the model(eye,mouth,...)
-a file:animation file

You don't have to extract anything,just find the name of the texture(.tex) you need to modify here:

Once you have found out which file is it,open it with image2tex,press convert then save it as a bitmap image.Do the same when converting bmp back to ff7 textures.
Hope this help.

Graphical / Re: Removing characters mouths?
« on: 2012-10-31 10:35:41 »
Used an older version that someone uploaded. Yay! It works! The game doesn't complain about edited files, so there's no need for converting the game. However, I still don't know how to extract the texture, Kimera can add a texture to the file, but not extract an existing one for me to edit. Any ideas?
Use image2tex to convert the .tex file to bitmap image.It work in reverse too.

Graphical / Re: Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-25 15:47:08 »
I have just send you what I did.
If you want to know why the aren't many people download 3DS Max 2011,in my opinion,then it's because it ain't FREE
And...what's "the file"?

Graphical / Re: Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-25 15:26:16 »
Looks like i can't help with 3ds max 2011.Never got the chance to use it. :-P

Graphical / Re: Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-25 15:07:28 »
Alright, got the model up and running, the tricky part now is converting/extracting it to 3DS format.  The GPU I have is an nVidia GT555M so Kimera runs just fine, the only error I had was due to some unregistered .dll files, but that's been taken care of.  So I managed to convert it with Biturn (which also dumped the texture file as well).

When I open the file in 3DS Max, it tells me it's the improper file format....WTF?

Ugh, I feel horrible for being such a noob and potentially pissing people of for not looking for the right thread(s) in the first place

Edit: Got it to convert to .OBJ format as well and it now loads into 3DS Max, but the a jumble mess with arms coming from the middle of the torso....Oh, boy....

Maybe you did something wrong.Mine work just fine.I convert it to .3DS file too:

EDIT:Wait wait wait wait,you sure you used import command in 3DS Max and not open?

Graphical / Re: Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-25 09:10:20 »
I'll be good, but the file is named cyvada P00 to P45 (forty-five parts to the model)....crap, what the hell did I get myself into?

Well, time for me to log and not come back.
Actually its quite simple.Follow my instruction:
-Extract magic.lgp
-Open cyvadat.d in kimera.It should look like this:

-Edit it as much as you like

This is only for Shiva summon.For others check here:

Almost forgot.If you get a runtime error 6: overflow in kimera,you will need a graphic card.If you can't afford it then you have to edit the part separately(Crap,this took 3x time longer than it supposed to be)

Graphical / Re: Extracting summon monster models
« on: 2012-10-25 05:44:20 »
LGP Tool work fine but it screw up magic.lgp somehow.You should use lgp/ulgp.

Is it possible to ultimately convert these to .obj, .dae or similar for 3DS Studio Max?

Biturn should do the trick.

Thank to tutorials by lots of people and 3DS Max,APZ Cloud is blinking....uncorrectly.He gots a hole in his eye when he blink like this:

How do I fix it?(don't ask why the head is a little bigger in the image,I like it that way)

Team Avalanche / Re: enemy models
« on: 2012-10-24 12:59:52 »
I prefer realistic models.
Me too.Can you release both version?

Team Avalanche / Re: enemy models
« on: 2012-10-23 12:27:56 »
Maybe you should take inspiration from frog in Chrono Trigger.

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