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WhitEraven HQ model revision for field

Hello everyone.
Like you already know,whiteraven did a lot of revision for the HQ model for battle.He isn't able to convert them to field model because he had problem with kimera.So I've decided to help out by converting them to field model and make it look as good as possible.

For now,I've only finished APZ Cloud model.As requested,I'm going to release both the adjusted version and the untouched version.Here is the adjusted version:

Download here:

Here is the untouched version:

Download here

Included all convertable Cloud models.
NOTE:I have problem with the wheel chair model's boots so I used prp boots instead

To do list:
-Convert other HQ model to field
-Convert them all to world,high-us and chocobo

All this could take some time so be patience,friends.

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