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Exciting stuff on the github!

Snouz, awesome work on the widescreen fixes!

05.06.2020 05:54:44 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 102
05.06.2020 05:54:47 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 103
05.06.2020 05:54:52 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 326
05.06.2020 05:55:01 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 107
05.06.2020 05:55:05 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 100
05.06.2020 05:55:08 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 103
05.06.2020 05:55:12 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 102
05.06.2020 05:55:24 |E| [SoundData] Sound not found: 107
05.06.2020 05:55:42 |M| [GameLoopManager] RaiseQuitEvent

I also get sound not found: 200

SummitBreaker, have you tried the latest version (check the box in the launcher for check for updates)?

Awesome work!

What's a good way to play the new video files? I tried vlc player but the playback is not smooth.

I know it's supposed to make the fire look grainy, but it's really just pixelated and with a distinct circular shape:

The game definitely has some issues with controllers. I've played with two different controllers. One of them has no cooldown on button presses, so not only does the pause menu exit immediately, it's very hard to make selections in any menus e.g. when selecting attack, the first enemy is selected from the same button press. The other controller has weird mapping. The left joystick cannot be used for movement. Movement uses the d-pad. Start button is mapped to one of the rb's... 

I agree with switch a/b by default.

^^ On a related note, I was going to ask about this: The developer's conversion from the psx to steam gave the original steam version an odd color space where everything is de-contrasted (darkness levels 0-16 don't exist, everything is 16 - 255). And the color balance is off. To correct this in sweetFX reshade:

#define Levels_black_point 16     //[0 to 255] The black point is the new black - literally. Everything darker than this will become completely black.
#define Levels_white_point 255    //[0 to 255] The new white point. Everything brighter than this becomes completely white.
#define RGB_Lift  float3(1.000, 1.000, 0.950)  //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust shadows for Red, Green and Blue.
#define RGB_Gamma float3(1.045, 1.020, 1.000)  //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust midtones for Red, Green and Blue
#define RGB_Gain  float3(1.045, 1.020, 1.000)  //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust highlights for Red, Green and Blue

Is the rework trying to correct for the color space or keep it the way it was (necessitating reshade)?

So I finished replaying the game in fast forward to help inventoring all the screens that should not be widescreen for memoria, and I found a lot of bugs and parts that can be improved. So I now have a directory full of new bug screenshots. Diving into it!
Awesome! Are you considering changing "camera distance" ie zooming in to make scenes work in widescreen? Has anyone looked into changing the calculation for where effects are displayed in battle so they calculate correctly for different aspect ratios? (Tirlititi's post on page 5 of this thread but in the assembly csharp file in memoria)

The Gysahl Greens:,

This is a version that Caledor furthed modified from the one I posted above. He also fixed Gidan and corrected the saturation from my version.
I really like this version but on my screen the desaturation maybe goes too far and Dagger is missing all definition on her lower eyelid.

I have the same question - is there an easy way to merge your changes to resources.assets with sound fix 2.2?

I think it looks good but wish the seams were less apparent.

>> the airship model should be behind the weapon rack and the ladder? also it rotated?
>This is normal, it turns on itself. It's a reward for the coffee quest. It can't be behind the weapon rack, because the weapon rack doesn't have its own layer.
I guess it's just floating there? It's confusing where it is within the space of the scene.

The left-most character here looks thicker, more like another bandana wearing guy like the one here

Awesome work snouz!

Here's just some nitpicky things that I notice:

moogle's wing goes through the chair? maybe went too thin on parts of the chair?

maybe touch the suit of armor's hand and part of the door frame:

the airship model should be behind the weapon rack and the ladder? also it rotated? I couldn't find a picture of what this looked like on the psx.

maybe some weirdness with the gem-shaped cutouts on the left and right sides? pretty sure the top, right one shouldn't be there. and some weirdness with the layering. it's hard to see because it's brown on brown, but some squares of brown cover over some details. also could hit the transparency again on the vertical gateway / entrance to the platform:

could blur some of the dithering happening in the distant parts of the tunnels:

some ghosting due to transparency around the spires in the bottom middle part of the image:

it looks like the layer with the beams of light from the windows is missing:

could hit the transparency again with 8-bit:,

Is it possible to modify the game to take 8-bit transparency textures instead of the 1-bit that it normally uses?

Thanks so much for this Snouz!

A bug: In Caledor's shots, it looks like the beams of light from the windows are missing in the bedroom in Lindblum.

Re: sound effects, there is a mod that restores all effects, sourcing them from the psx version of the game. Can this be added into moguri?

Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix
« on: 2020-01-15 01:18:57 »
Download is unavailable. Could you repost? Please. :(  Pretty please. : ( 

Just wanted to tell you how awesome this looks!

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