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For some reason, as you can see in the image i uploaded, i can't target the enemy copy. I move the cursor from one enemy to another, but the epitaf (stone monster) is always targeted

Releases / Re: Final Fantasy IX PC Complete Sounds Fix
« on: 2020-05-08 17:17:56 »
Aw man... this mod is still unavailable!

This sucks! Please can anyone share it again?

Here it is.

I'm trying to understand the whole "sound fix mod" situation. After a bit of investigation with google and wayback machine, here's what I gathered.

If i understand correctly, there's one mod that fixes some bugs (in AssemblyCSharp.dll), as well as replaces sounds with better/original ones (in p0data or resources files -> would be easy to combine)
But the author has allegedly caused some trouble here and there:
Banned from Nexus - all other links link there. No luck with wayback machine.
Their reddit profile is u/dclem2 and they're still active
Still a post on Qhimm as Incinerator (Guest)
Deleted posts on forum eyesonff (wayback machine original post)

Apparently, the AssemblyCSharp part of it was added to Memoria by zePilot and will thus be part of 8.0
But for the "replacing all sounds" part, I don't have my hand on it. I don't know if there's a way to convince the modder to allow us to download and add it to Moguri.

@ivanfuhr000 if you have the files, could you share it with us on google drive?

Sure, there it is.

Thanks snouz for your amazing work. Looking forward for its completion.
 Can you share the sound fix? I've been looking for it but can't find it anywhere?

Here it is. :)

Hi Snouz
Congrats for the mod, it's looking really great.
I have 1 question. I have the sound fix v2.1 and v2.2 but they replace the resources.assets and assemblysharp files. Are you planning to include this fixes in the mod? or upload a modification of this files to make the mods compatible?. If not, do you know what sould i do to have this sound fixes in my game. I ask you because i couldn't find the sound fix mod page to ask.
Thank you very much

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