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Title: Warping to specific FF7 Field IDs
Post by: LetCreativityPlay on 2020-04-20 20:33:00
I am wondering where I can find a list of FF7's field IDs and their the equivalent encounters (battle ID) if they exist.
This is mainly for speed running purposes and routing.

Quick summary of how the speedrun is done: Yuffie warp to pre-kalm flashback and ride bronco to Mt. Nibel to initiate battle mode warping. Then leave to the world map and intentionally run away from a fight (this will set your warp location). Then win any fight. Winning the fight will warp you to the field whose fieldID is equal to the battleID of the battle you most recently escaped from.

In any% we run away from
 3 Spencers, 1 Flapbeat (Gold Saucer Area) to warp to Lobby 5 of the debug room.

Any% No Debug Room we run away from
2 Roots (Junon) to warp to Tifa/Cloud Cutscene at the end of Disc 2.

I've made some speedrun errors and ended up warping to materia caves/Gold Saucer due to running away from the wrong encounters.

I was wondering if there is a tool or a database list to see which field IDs are respective to their battle IDs.
I am very interested in finding a warp point to the story before fighting diamond weapon. Thanks!
Title: Re: Warping to specific FF7 Field IDs
Post by: LetCreativityPlay on 2020-04-24 00:42:43
Thank you, DLPB, it helped greatly for identifying field and battle IDs~