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I would have failed the class, had I not taught myself. He just threw packets at us. Told us to do work. The packets had a lot useless information, and I was told by a friend of mind that programming was all about improvisation. You cannot follow a set pattern that works every time; you have to build upon what you know and often times alter it.

Still, High School programming was messy, I agree entirely. I am tempted to take a college course on it, but as you said the best way to learn is on your own. I tried with FF7 a long time ago. The most I was able to do was custom scripting in Meteor. That is hardly a feat though; I cannot make my own programs, or decipher bytes and hex data. I suppose I would just have to sit down and learn it all, perhaps it was because I was fifteen at the time of learning too. It's been about four years. :).

Sorry about the rant, I was just relating to what you said. Final Fantasy VII modding sort of taught all that I know about computers now. From editing my registry, to editing a configuration file. It's kinda silly that I use some of the skills I learned from this forum to fix my friends computer :).

Haha, its all good, I guess its just easier to learn anything when you really care about it and have fun doing it.

Good job Omzy

Can't open Pupu v1.exe

don't know why

the right folder is ....\ff8\data\eng ???


--- Quote from: Zure on 2012-10-29 10:07:08 ---Can't open Pupu v1.exe

don't know why

the right folder is ....\ff8\data\eng ???

--- End quote ---

I have the same problem.


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