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--- Quote from: TerriblyGrimm on 2014-12-15 09:21:55 ---Hello, i've downloaded the latest build of PUPU and using Deling extracted the field folder from field.fs
( As i couldn't get unmass or garden to work but essentially this is the same outcome )

But everytime I open PUPU it doesn't show any list of files?
can anyone help me with this, I would like to re-render and edit by hand using Photoshop CS-6 all the games textures

--- End quote ---

this happens to me too, how to solve this?

Yagami Light:
You need to use unmass two times, once for the initial field file and then for each individual field then you put pupu inside each individual FIELD folder to extract. For example

D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII\Data\lang-en\field\Data\eng\FIELD\mapdata\bc\bcmin2_1\Data\eng\FIELD

Dont put Pupu inside the first FIELD folder as that wont do anything.

Thanks Light! it helps
now i'm dealing with transparency, so it won't have any jagged transparency, but it's not perfect

Yagami Light:
Does anyone have a working link of just the program with the banding fix? Cant compile because visual studio gives lots of errors.


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