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3D modelling of field scene screens - Tasklist

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Mayo Master:
Do you mean a tasklist? I remember seeing one on the repo, but as far as I recall it only concerned the Bombing mission. In that respect, SpooX has pretty much modelled everything but has yet to finish texturing on all the scenes. The only notable exception was the elvator, for which Neo Bahamut volunteered, but he seems to have disappeared. Apparently this elevator scene is complicated to set because the camera is positioned below ground level.
Anyway, let me know if my information is not up to date.

Task list was bombing mission only.

Mayo Master:
Hi folks,

I just updated the tasklist with the information I have. I also decided to classify some work as "In limbo" (as opposed to "in progress"), when it is related to a scene where no progress was made in months and the author is inactive. A scene that remains stuck in limbo will eventually be re-opened for someone else to take.
2 other notifications:
- I also listed a number of scenes as "Recommended for newbies". I would prefer if experienced modellers avoid these, and leave some manageable work to people who join the team despite being inexperienced in 3d modelling.
- In a later update, I can also can mark some scenes as "reserved", which would be scenes that a particular 3d modelling artist would like to take in the near future. This would namely encompass scenes in the same area of the game as another already made by an active author (examples: Junon scenes for SpooX, Mideel scenes for anaho and Sector 5 scenes for me). "Reserving" a scene to someone requires significant commitment to the project.

How to installed ? , ,


--- Quote from: shockmanz on 2014-05-23 09:47:30 ---How to installed ? , ,

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It's not released nor is it finished yet. You have to wait until it's done, which will take a long time.


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