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                    Aali's Custom Driver FF7/FF8 Installer
               (Custom Driver (Version 0.8.1b) made by Aali, Installer made by Kompass63)

You must also download Aali's Custom graphics driver [v0.8.1b] from this page.
Put and Install_Aali-s_opengl_driver_0.8.1b.exe into the same Place and run the Installer.

  The graphics driver within the Windows installations DVD does not support OpenGL 2.0 or higher!
  If you see inside the app.log this Line:
         INFO: Microsoft Corporation GDI Generic 1.1.0
  Update your graphics driver!

This installer installs the Custom Driver for both FF7 (1998) as well as FF8 (2000).
The Custom Driver is not suitable for the newer versions (Rerelease or Steamrelease) of this games.
If you have a newer version of FF7, this can be converted using a converter into the old version.

This installer installs also "FF7Config.exe" together with "RunFFVIIConfig.exe" (for FF7 only).
The latter ensures that the Custom Driver is again entered into the Registry after FF7Config was executed.

You do not have permission to redistribute the driver in this manner. I'm not going to ask you to take it down but you really should have asked first.

I sent you a PM, but you did not answer it ...

I get a lot of PMs and I hardly ever answer because most of them are utter crap. Yours was quite rude and not anywhere close to asking for permission.

How about making the installer to use an external package? It would be better this way, because the installer would work with any newer version without the need of updating the program.


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