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Hello! Myself, Maki and JWP are happy to finally release Doomtrain!  ;D

Doomtrain is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 kernel.bin, it can edit most of the data section present in the file.  :evil:

It's important to say that as this is the first public release it's possible a few bugs are still present, but we did our best to fix everything wrong we saw.
If you find a bug please report it in this thread.

Download Doomtrain v1.0.0
Download Doomtrain v1.0.1

alexfilth: coding and a little bit of reverse engineering.
Maki: coding.
JWP: helping me with a lot of stuff, coding and the vast majority of the reverse engineering.

This is definitely the best news of the day for me! Many thanks to all three of you! Oh how I've been longing for this, now I can really start the work on my FF8 mod.

Thanks :). Good luck with your mod, hopefully it'll be easier to do what you want with Doomtrain.

Ok, after playing around a bit yesterday, I've got a couple questions/requests:

The first is regarding enemy attacks, specifically physical attacks: Am I correct in the assumption that the "Attack Param" determines the accuracy (hit%) of an attack? Because certain late-game enemies have attacks that keep missing almost the entire time, and I'd like to change that. I'm mainly referring to Elnoyle's Tail Needle, Behemoth's Assault Horn, Krysta's Charge and such. How exactly does the Attack Param translate to accuracy? I'm fairly sure it can't be a direct percentage, as all of the aforementioned attacks have an Attack Param in the range of 50-60, but that doesn't match with their performance in-game. These attacks hit successfully MAYBE 1 out of 20 times, so their accuracy sucks.

Also about enemy physical attacks, do you know how the chance for critical hits is determined (because I know that certain enemy attacks have a rather high chance of dealing critical hits?).

My next question is, will it be possible in future versions to edit the names and descriptions of items/magics/abilities? Because I've just changed the % boost of the various stat-increasing abilities, but if their names and descriptions still display the standard 20%, 40% etc, that'll be confusing.

And lastly, do you plan on making the various Refinement-Abilities editable? I mean being able to determine exactly which Refinement-Ability can transform which item into what, and such. That would be awesome. So far there's only an index to certain m00x files and a range of offsets, but I'm kinda left in the dark as to what that stands for, or how to edit what I want. Could you explain that part to me please?

Girl next door:
Great job guys! :-) i'm trying to delete the "GF" ability but it doesn't work. I tried to set "none" instead or change the condition but it's the same issue. I think it will be the same problem with all the abilities already learned by a gf.


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