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Hi there!

I've tried making a pixel-perfect recreation of the original FF9 font from the playstation version in order to make the Steam version look a bit more like the original game as I couldn't find anything that recreates that.
There's another project I've found ("Zidane" font) that's very good but it seemed a little off to me (and doesn't support localized versions), so I've tried doing one myself.

I believe this could use some more work, but if someone is willing to try it and tell me his/her opinion is quite welcome.
For example, I believe it looks a little "jaggied", but that's what happens with a pixel recreation. Maybe I'll refine it somehow. I'm actually not that good ad this.

As I'm italian i've made it to support more latin characters than usual, but I don't know if everything has been covered (even for other languages).

I also must say that compared to other font mods I'm particularly happy about how I recreated the curvy and very peculiar shape of the numbers.

Here's the link:

And some screenshots:
Spoiler: show

Hey that font looks very very good! It's VERY close to the original but it's true that it looks a little jagged around the edges. I wish there was something we could do to improve your work! :)

Glad you liked it!

Thank you very very much for your work, I love it. I made an account on this forum just to comment this



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