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[PC Remaster] zzzDeArchive - Can extract, create, or merge zzz files.

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I made mine to give a little menu and ask for paths to files/folders. Completely command line, very simple, quick. When creating a zzz archive wait for it to exit, and it defaults to out.zzz. Then you can rename and copy that where you want.

I credit Maki for reversing it, I just made the code in c#. Post an issue on github if you have any issues. I had originally posted this as part of the OpenVIII project. Though to make a release I thought it should be stand alone.

Update: Sept-4-2019  I added some code to the end where it now opens the folder where the out.zzz is after it's created. Same with extraction it'll now open that folder for you.
Update: Sept-5-2019  I added the ability to merge two zzz files and some command line support.
Update: Sept-10-2019 Fixed a bug in merge.
Update: Sept-14-2019 Fixed a bug or 2. And added SHA1 verification for after making the zzz.
Update: Sept-15-2019 Added warning message if adding files and not replacing during merge.
Update: Sept-16-2019 Multi-file merges. It will increment the out.zzz if there is a write lock.
Update: Sept-18-2019 New Windows GUI and logging.
Update: Sept-20-2020 Mostly bug fixes and new exceptions to prevent the wrong things from happening.

See also: qt-zzz

Yagami Light:
Extracting works but where does the out.zzz file appear when making a new zzz file ? Cant seem to find it

It should be in the folder with the zzzDeArchive.exe

I'll update the the code to say where it is on the screen. Before it exits. I'm wondering if I can open the folder. Encase you had it closed. I'll look into that. (Update: Done and Done new build on github)

Yagami Light:
Thanks, it was inside the debug folder

Works great! I already imported McIndus' Triple Triad card map into my game.  8-)

EDIT: You might consider adding some sort of "press any key to exit" option for the command window that pops up. If I'm hyper focused I can see where it's saying something about the output file location before the window automatically closes. But most people will miss it. Just a suggestion.  :)


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