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It's yet another download from me (promise I'll put everything in one big download for the next version)

NEW 2020-04-25 - UI Stuff BETA V2 (fixed)
(outdated) 2020-04-24 - UI Stuff BETA V1

This one is a number of UI changes (no, not the battle UI)

<--- old

<--- old

<--- old

<--- old

Borders around portraits:

- I made the grey bars black.

- I also fixed the misplaced points on both maps.

 - Map points and stuff are sharper

Glenn Seto:
Oh, so I'm not the only one who gets that rectangular transparency glitch on the title screen. I assume it's a Memoria issue?

Jesus! You are on fire!!

So far what I see is this in the main menu:

And the map looks gorgeous, but perhaps some dots are slightly missplaced? Like the South Gate one. It is in the yellow dot, not in the white dot where it's currently... but I guess that's close enough lol

Fantastic job as usual snouz. Here's some minor suggestions for the UI.

This grey line needs 1 extra pixel in the top to completely cover the underneath box:

Can you use the full screen wordmap as a reference for the grayscale one ?
However I'm not sure how it'll look in-game but here's the idea:

And finally, when the interaction bubble appears it is actually black for a few frames so it may be good idea to replace the black bubbles for the white ones.

Could you please make all the menus in the game more compact? The mobile UI is terrible. :(


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