Author Topic: [FF7PC98] Change input locale of English FF7.EXE to another localized language  (Read 1087 times)

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Again, I want to ask help to this wonderful forum.

I will post an image and after I will explain the issue and the help I need:

This is the window of the input name for a character. Here I'm using the English FF7.EXE that comes with 7H. As you can see I have changed the letters grid adding the spanish characters (this is how the spanish version shows this window).

Using the cursor, I can add, for example, the "ñ" letter (is the last one). But if I write "ñ" in my spanish keyboard it prints the ";" character (one before the last one).

I would like to know if it is possible to say to the English FF7.EXE the input locale/codepage that is using. I assume that English FF7.EXE is telling by code which input locale/codepage to use. I also assume that if anybody uses the Spanish FF7.EXE in an English keyboard (or other combination of possible languages FR/IT/DE), would have the same problem.

I ask for help to detect the offsets I should change to make it working with spanish keyboard. I've looked into code, dissassembled it, using hex editor to check things but I have not luck.

This is not a big problem, as I can select the character with the cursor, but I think it would be an interested feature write the name with the keyboard. I thought about the patch that locks the keyboard, but if I cannot play with keyboard if I want, it is not a solution.

Let's hope anybody can help.
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