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Issue with ProudClod and battle file


Hello, everybody

I somehow messed up the battle file and done so without realizing it at the time and even understanding how I did it. Somehow, the data for the enemies on the 140 slot was replaced by another slot. I tried to put everything the way it was by using a previous version of the file, but I cannot edit the animations and formations values without Proud Clod crashing. The moment I try to save I get an unhandled exception and that's it. Heck, this happens even on the vanilla file...

In gameplay terms, this means that I can find the encounter on that slot, but I cannot attack the enemies nor do they actually do anything, as their AI/moves are not properly assigned.

This happened a while ago, before I completed my changes, so the only way to go back is to repeat dozens of hours of changes and that would just kill me at this point. But the encounter, while not mandatory, involves an enemy that teaches an enemy skill, so I really want to fix this somehow.

Any help would be appreciated!


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