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FF7 new announcements as a modder


I know I have been on here forever and haven’t modded much. Was feeling the itch again awhile ago and trying to teach myself about the tools available and things we are able to mod/do with FF7 OG.

Waited for the 25th anniversery announcements with all the enthusiasm of a FF7 fan. Especially excited for the Remake part2 (Rebirth). Holding verdict on Ever Crisis but thought it was cool that everyone gets to experience compilation. Not too enthused about the cashgrabs though. As much as I was excited for First Soldier I got burned out during first season.

The Crisis Core remake (some ppl saying reskin but to me it looks like they are rebuilding the game in Unreal Engine) is what is bugging me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jazzed on the same level as Ever Crisis cause fans may ( depending on if they redo Dirge of Cerberus) get to experience the full compilation on current systems. But it puts something I want to do on a backburner.

I’ve been working on a Zack mod again. My first goal was to make Zack’s battle avatar. My hard goal in that was making the DMW limits work in FF7og. Knowing that I can’t change Limits I thought that using Vincent’s transformations, like the Shinra mod (Hellistic Hojo) and Sephiroth (into Safer Sephiroth) transformation, to make Alternate Zacks perform necessary limits. With some sort of ai code to transform back into regular Zack after the attack.

I figured once I got a decent Crisis Core Zack battle model working I could slowly ( probably would take years) make a Demake of Crisis Core in FF7og. Hence why even though I’m glad they are doing CC Remake, I’m bummed cause it just makes my idea feel… uninspired, like a ripoff more than it was, etc.

Idk have any of you started a project and saw something come out that is similar but puts yours to shame? Do you just drop the project or find a way to move forward? Any thoughts and opinions for me to examine would be appreciated.


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