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Well im hijacking my first post here to tell you guys that im releasing sl1982's Font Mod v0.1

Some things had to change for this release:

Shadows caused graphical glitches so the were removed
Numbers for the clock and the hp/mp bars are not modified in this release.


1. Download file
2. Extract files from archive
3. Locate menu_us.lgp and extract them using your favorite LGP program into a folder
4. Copy the two .tex files from the downloaded file into the folder you extracted menu_us.lgp into
5. If it asks to overwrite select yes
6. Create a new menu_us.lgp file from this folder
7. Copy the new file back into the original location.
8. Copy all files in textures into the textures folder in your FF7 folder (if you dont have this folder you either dont have Aali's custom driver, or an old version of it)
9. Play the game  :-D

Enjoy everyone!

old post: Hey guys I've been lurking here for about a month and thought i would try to contribute something to the community. Since im not a modeller or a texturer i figured i would see if i could tackle something else. My idea was to try to make the menu's high res. So my question for anyone that may know, I have not found any menu stuff in the menu_us.lgp other then text and avatars. Are the background menus textures like everything else, or are they dynamically generated?

Since the new driver was able to smooth out the blockiness of the menu's color, my guess would be it is generated.

If you are interested, however, the text needs a definite overhaul.  It would be somewhat tedious and very trial-and-error to get it looking right, but I'm sure EVERYONE would appreciate some smooth text.

I was actually thinking about that and i would be glad to put some time into it. But i think i need some more information. I know that the textures for the fonts have a palette that shouldnt be changed, but can i use a higher resolution texture instead of the 256x256 ? And how does the program know what letter is which? Is it by the coordinates for the letters? If it is that may make a higher resolution texture impossible.

It is by coordinates, therefore I think using anything other than the supplied 256x256 would be pointless.

It's been a while since I looked at it, but if I'm not mistaken, the font could have been a better resolution than what was used.

If it's using the same sprite system as FF8, it won't do well with a larger .tex file.

However, you can use the custom drivers texture replacing feature to get any size to work.


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