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Ok so i was bored and decided to goof with the textures in the battle. I tossed in a nice massive 2048x2048 ground texture i found on the net to see what would happen and it worked. It was then that i noticed that the lighting in the game is crap. Is this something we can fix? Anyways check out the screen

It's painted directly on the battle scene vertices. It shouldn't be any hard to change using Kimera.

dude. sweet,,, are u gonna ad this to your 2d overhaul mod

very nice.  i actually just found these textures the other day but i hadn't gotten around to testing them.  i'm glad it's just as straight forward to get them working, and hopefully the lighting can be smoothed.  Even if it can't, that's still a massive improvment!


--- Quote from: SwornEnemy on 2009-08-28 18:45:07 ---dude. sweet,,, are u gonna ad this to your 2d overhaul mod

--- End quote ---

Probably not. And if i do it will be the last thing i do. Need a good texture artist to tackle that sort of project. I was just goofing around


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