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Will be MIA for a bit


I got a new laptop for christmas and it's gonna take me a little while to settle into it and port all of my FF7 stuff over.  I still have my desktop, so some work may continue on that, but my focus for the next week or two will be getting my laptop into shape to replace my ancient desktop.

Here's the laptop for anyone interested:

this thing was a steal for the price, and with the rebates it costs the same as most entry level laptops. L4D2 @ 70FPS on highest detail


Kudistos Megistos:

I got the laptop I'm using ATM last year (with very similar specs), and I paid £800. :cry:

It has a bigger monitor (17 inch), but I still feel sad now. :|

I didn't really mind the small screen size, i have a 22" LCD already so i just plug into that when im at home.  I've been playing a few other games on this thing and it is amazing how much better it is than my desktop, and it's 1/10th the size!

In other news, I have ported all of my FF7 related stuff and it's all intact and working(in win7)

Something else has came up, and i will be much lees active in the coming weeks. Me and my girlfriend just bought our first house, we close on february 8th so i will be very busy until and after then. I'll still pop in and check the boards, but actually work on the WMRP will be scarce, if even at all. Hopefully the latest release was enough to satisfy you guys for now!


I am more than satisfied with your last release :-D
Enjoy your new house


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