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--- Quote from: myst6re on 2010-04-02 22:08:15 ---I don't like to do that, recompile Qt takes lot of time :|.

--- End quote ---
yes it sure does.

--- Quote from: Bosola on 2010-04-02 23:01:38 ---Another Python fan?

What's QT like to use?

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python .>>>? no not at all *there are qt binding for python so you could use it with python if you wanted to
using qt is like using c++ with some extra headers (cause thats bascily what it is) . i also use Qtcreator their free ide i like it , kinda like VB but using C++, and if vb was availble for other then windows..

I like where you're going with it, but the battles count on the "other" tab shouldn't be capped at 99.

This is a really good program sithlord48, Keep up the good work.
I have noticed 1 small thing though. You cant use vincent or cait sith until you have unlocked them in game. if you try to add them to your party before hand using BlackChocobo it names "Vincent" as "Sephiroth" and Cait Sith as "Cloud" and they dont appear in battle and their health bar dies (i tested this at the first save point in the game and again on the world map for the first time after leaving Midgar)
But this only seems to apply to Vincent and Cait Sith.
Cid,Yuffie,Barret,Tifa,Aries,RedXIII, seem to work fine.

EDIT- also i thought you might be interested, i have been looking at trying to hex edit items (amounts of items) in the items menu and i have noticed that the limit for items isnt 99 it seems to be 127
the game stops you at 99 (0xC6) but if you push 127 (0xFE) the game will display 127 and will even save this to a save file.

@ kranmer , i have yet to check the char flag (char record offset 0x0) checks yet and untill kalm flash back vincent == Sephiroth , and cait = young cloud.
, as for the item limit i have thought about raising it to 127 just have not done so yet, do u think i should ? i would only need to change the limit of the sb (since the progam would handle the rest)

Well i dont really think more then 99 is needed since 28 more items wouldnt make that much difference if your hacking a save to give yourself lots of items anyway. Anyway choice is completely yours i just wasnt sure if you where aware (which it looks like you was). Anyway keep up the good work, i look forward to future versions of this.


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