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My debug room is finally done! And now, you can use it for your nefarious modding needs.

What's a Debug Room?
A debug room is an area that offers a bunch of cool toys for you to play with, mostly for the purpose of testing features. This particular debug room contains the following features:[*]Jumps to cutscenes / story points
[*]Every boss battle
[*]Access to magic, items, GFs, and more
[*]Jumps to some of Squaresoft's debug rooms
[*]Some empty script segments that you can add your own code to (more on this below).[/list]
What was wrong with Square's debug rooms?
Nothing, if you can read non-unicode transliterated gibberish. Most of Squaresoft's debug rooms work, but they're hard to navigate because half the dialogues are translated poorly, or are artifacts left over from asian typesets that don't exist in FF8PC (they look like this: aÎzÑ」»ÔÛËïËíÇÒioïÂÔ ). Some of Square's rooms have readable and useful dialogue, and you can jump to them from my debug room.

How do I install this debug room?
Download the files. Then, with Deling, import each field file you downloaded, overwriting the existing one you already have. They are test1, test2, test3, test6, testbl9, bgryo1_1, and bgryo2_1. Each area requires you to overwrite its corresponding .fi and the .fs files.

How do I get to the debug room?
In addition to the field files, I have also given you four save files, each one corresponding to a disc. These were saved in the debug room.

You can also get to the debug room by going to your dorm room (daytime only) and challenging the save point to a game of cards (you can do this on your own save files as well).

I've added jumps back to my debug room from Squaresoft's rooms. Talking to the giant cat, talking to Zell, and playing cards with the galbadian soldier on the world map will let you go back to my room.

You said something about adding my own code?
View the field test1 in Deling. Go to the "scripts" tab, and click on the entity named "torake." Click on its "talk" script. Near the bottom, you will see a bunch of green text, followed by UCON and RET 8. Between this green text is where your custom code will go. Each label, starting with LABEL9, contains the code to run when you talk to the NPC in the bottom left of the debug room (right now it's all empty). Just put your first script below LABEL9, the second one below LABEL10, the third below LABEL11, and the fourth below LABEL12. DO NOT put anything below LABEL13.

To run your scripts, talk to the Selphie in the bottom left corner of the room. All the blank labels are listed there.

You should always back up your game files before installing any custom mod. I make no guarantee that the features of this mod will always work properly. Parts of this mod may crash or freeze your game, especially if you decide to use Square's broken rooms. If using your own save file, be aware that this mod changes story related variables and you may lose or skip story progress.

Debug room layout

The dialogue when talking to lower-left Selphie (where you run your custom scripts)

I found another way to enter the Debug room after installing your mod.
It's Hyne, the Save editor. You can modify where the characters are, in which field, at which coordinate.

This may come in really handy for making our tests! Thank you Shard!

I've found a few cutscene jumps that don't work, and one where the secondary dialogue pops up the wrong window (if you try to jump to the concert scene, the second dialogue is supposed to ask what some variable should be, but I replaced that dialogue with something else by accident). I'll be updating this after I iron all those out.

Bug / To-do list:[*]Some of the Garden vs Garden jumps don't do anything yet.
[*]The GVG start jump bugs out the party and prevents you from forming a team.
[*]The Disc 2 save in the download is a Laguna save, which messes with some of the jumps.
[*]There isn't a jump to the Zell's Room cutscene.
[*]The "drifting through the ocean" segments in D2 aren't organized or named very well.
[*]In the D1 save file, Squall is wearing his student uniform. This doesn't cause problems, it just makes him do quickchanges for battles.
[*]The FH Concert jumps don't allow you to set the music directly, so no music will play (you choose the variable that controls Rinoa's dialogue instead) This is unlikely to be fixed because of how complicated the custom music system is.

sorry for the trouble but could you tell me how to install it?. I don't understand anything I used Deling but I didn't find the files mentioned in the post


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