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[PSX/PC] init.out editor - Quezacotl (v1.0.0)

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I was tired of hex editing init.out so i decided of doing an editor for this as well   :-P

Quezacotl is an editor developed in C# for the FF8 init.out, this file is loaded when starting a new game.

Thanks to Maki for his help with text, Melchior1 for allowing me to use his Quezacotl image and to myst6re for the documentation of the save format and Hyne.

This software requires .NET Framework 4.6 to run.

Download Quezacotl v1.0.0

Feel free to send a donation if you want, creating software takes away a lot of free time.


will this work on the ff8 pc version, and where can we go on this save editor to setup the money party

Money is in misc section. Yes it works on FF8 pc, actually that's the only version i tested. :D


can this save editor also put siefer and edea in your party for later in the game

No, you need to use Hyne for that.


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