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[PSX/PC] init.out editor - Quezacotl (v1.0.0)

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Girl next door:

--- Quote from: alexfilth on 2016-09-07 11:58:15 ---I was tired of hex editing init.out

--- End quote ---

Me too, thanks ! ;D

glad to be in the credits of this ^^

(anyway on my 4k monitor it looks a bit weird.. I thinks there is something wrong )

Girl next door:
I found a bug: I can't open the Pandemona's tab.

@kaspar01 Can you  post a screenshot?

@Girl next door Weird, i can open it just fine

Girl next door:
Hum I think I've done something wrong with my init.out  :(

Edit: I've double checked my init.out and didn't find an error. Maybe a problem with the french version ?


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