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This re-release of the sounds fix mod fixes all the sounds and audio compression in Final Fantasy IX (PC).

Among the fixes are:

Sound Effects:
-Every sound effect is physically replaced with their correct, PSX counterpart.
Audio compression
-Sets the Audio Sampling Rate to 44100hz and removes the compression on BGM.
Enemy Death SFX:
-Returns every enemy's death sfxs battle cry as it was in PSX.

Some cosmetic fixes such as:
-Reflect sfx
-Jump and Summon Sfxs.
-Swd Art Spell: Shock and Tetra Master SFX fixes.

It is compatible with any and all mods (and modding tools [Hades Workshop]) for FF9 including: Alternate Fantasy, Memoria, and FF9 Ascension.

(It is not compatible with FF9 Type-0, however).

I am happy to announce, the Music resetting glitch has been determined addressed and fixed! It has been updated in Sounds fix main archive.
I've only tested about halfway through the game and haven't experienced a bug with it yet; I beacon and encourage users (should you experience any bugs) to post them on the bug tracker on the Nexus, or send post it in #ix-sounds-fix here:

Things to Note
Currently, the Reset glitch fix is only compatible with the vanilla game, Hades Workshop (to export Alternate Fantasy to and from) and Moguri's Mod
(Use Hades Workshop - Navigate to CIL_Code and activate the HD Backgrounds Marco - Save Mod - Done).
This fix at the moment is not compatible with Memoria yet.
Link updated via Nexus (Link in OP).

Doom Oyster:
Download is unavailable. Could you repost? Please. :(  Pretty please. : ( 

Please, please, share this mod, climbed the entire Internet, but didn’t find anything. = (

Aw man... this mod is still unavailable!

This sucks! Please can anyone share it again?


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