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Hello everybody, i wanted to show you my first mod i made for ff8. I changed squall texture face with a new one to match the look used in the fmv. What do you think?

Before that, the pictures in here are squashed. Can't see the details much when the pictures are squeezed like that.

It's a little hard to tell with the aspect ratio squished, but does he look pissed off all the time? Angsty teen is better than 12 year old pretty boy I guess.

Also... his name is Andrea now?


--- Quote from: Gensoul on 2020-01-14 14:31:02 ---Also... his name is Andrea now?

--- End quote ---
Yeah strange, he was called Max in my game...

I use 32:9 as aspect ratio that's why they look larger. I made new photos using my phone: . And the name is Andrea because that's my real name xd


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