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Hello guys a question
I am currently editing the FF7 in the PS1 / PSX version and added a lot, like some unused texts, optional bosses / game progress, texts based on the FF7 Remake Beta making the game more fun and "new" in addition to new items and Subjects
1 * I was wondering if anyone has the download of the mod to remove the w-item bug. I want this mod but when i try to patch, says i cannot do...
2 * With Lasyan3's Mass Iso program, is it possible to edit Fields that end up getting larger than the original and insert them back into the game?
I ask this because normally when doing this the message "Truncated" occurs and I did not want to make an ISO that cannot be played in the portable game.

If you want to give me a suggestion for something I can implement, tell me I'm going to take a look.

i dont remember very well but i think yes, mass iso can update the field size

But how is this possible, is the additional space moved to some other ISO folder?
Is it like the case of the BOSOLA mod that increases the size of SCENE.BIN and KERNEL.BIN?
I'm asking this question because I want to insert the famous unused cloud scene coming out of 7TH Heaven and talking to Tifa

Because mass iso update the field.bin archive, thats contain all size and LBA of the fields.

So using Mass Iso, will I be able to burn the iso to a DVD / CD to play the game on Ps1? Or just by emulator?
If I can burn the iso normally and there is no bug in the game, I will be adding unused scenes, new sidequests, etc.


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