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Yeah, the way the emulator dumps the textures really works against us. I wish there were a better way to distinguish what we were dealing with.

I spent waaaay too long today fiddling with this. I guess you could say the whole thing is a learning experience! Whatever my next project is will hopefully go smoother.

Anyways, I got the evaluator able to filter by the available categories. It could be implemented a little better but I think I'm almost at the point where it works for what we need it for and I won't be really improving it much. Tomorrow I will add a search field so that you can search by filename.
Honestly its too difficult to go search for specific textures so what I'm doing is just getting myself into a category and working at it one by one.

amazing work, thanks.

I would actually recommend doing it by chapter, not by folders, because that's how people will experience the game.
I think that way, it'd be better to focus on the things that matter more.
For example, I'm in chapter 1, doing various signs around the Shinra Building.

What world map did you use for the computer background btw?
There's a world map in the hallway that needs a new version. I can work on that.

I also think it'd be a good idea if we began using this thread as a way to keep us updated on what's being added/changed. I notice you're doing some stuff on Github, but I don't really know what you're doing because that website is a bit confusing.

That looks very very good. Great job!

As for the world map, check out the /edits/linked objects folder and open world_map.psb . Assuming you're using photoshop it is a smart object that will update in your documents if its modified. Here's a png tho.

As far as the source, I took a depth map meant for a 3d printer and essentially colorized/texturized it.
Yesterday I was mostly working on improving the texture viewer. Today I'm working on the foliage textures. I haven't pushed anything yet. I decided to do these first because the AI really did a bad job and they require a bunch of tedious editing. I've taken a big chunk out of it so far though.

Posting an example here so the work can be seen:


AI upscaled... I put a background on this one to make sure the artifacts could be clearly seen

A little bit of TLC put on it and it looks much better. I kind of have a process now so hopefully the rest of them should be done in the next few days.

Devina, continue working as you are, I think its a good idea. Just make sure you push your work to the repository. I recommend you get the github desktop application that way you'll have a working folder on your harddrive to more easily get your work uploaded. The best way to make sure we don't do overlapping work is to work in different areas and to keep the branch up to date.


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