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I am new on this forum so I'll introduce myself.
As a kid I discovered Final Fantasy 7 and I became a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series. This game built my passion for video games and made me want to work in this industry. I am currently in my last year at a VG school and hopefully I will finally start my career !

I have recently worked on shaders allowing to change the look of shadows during battles which have always been a bad element of the PC version in my opinion. I have tried to reproduce the original appearance they have on PlayStation but I know that not everyone would prefer it so I made 3 presets in order to fit the tastes of more people.

Hard Shadows (PSX)

Medium Shadows

Soft Shadows

And for those who would like to see how the original PC version of the shadows look like :

Follow the link below to download the mod. Also, it should be integrated in an upcoming version of Satsuki Yatoshi's pack as well.

To install the shaders, select the ones corresponding to your game version (PC/Steam, Aali, FFNx) and to the preset you like (hard, medium, soft) then copy them into the "shaders" folder located in the game installation directory.

If you have any trouble with the mod please let me know.

What a welcome addition! Welcome to qhimm! I wanted to remake the shadows once but ended up botching them up real bad. :D These look nice. Mine are no longer circles so I’d gladly use one of these.

Great addiction and imho really needed, default shadows on pc looks bad, these new ones looks awsome, thx ;)

would be possible to rework yellow cursor on chars head during battle too? Make it smaller maybe.

well f#$&ing done!

lots of people have been waiting for this forever, the shadows stink so bad i just have them off

edit: would it be OK if the next version of The Reunion includes your mod? full credit will be given to you, of course (if you want a different name credited thats no problem)

let me know!

Finally, the fix a waited for a long long time. Will this only effect shadows or also other SFX which have the same behavior? As example: Aerith last limit isn't correctly displayed.

Another question from my side we have these filthy light shader problem in the field when they are upscaled. True Odin had a solution for it, but this solution literally explode the size of any upscale mod and some fields have a heavy performance issue. Aali (the original creator of this custom driver) said that it needs a shader based solution. Would be cool if you could look into it.


Problem under DX11 when the cursor has multiple targets.


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