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Hey all!

So my fiancé bought me FF7 on the PS4 (physical copy) a while ago, I since got a PS5 and moved my saved data across but didn’t look into getting the upgrade as I wanted to finish my first playthrough first.
Now that I have finished my first run, where do I access the free upgrade to the PS5 version? I couldn’t find this in the store and am either being very thick or maybe not eligible for it?

Thanks so much and sorry if this isn’t the place to post this!


--- Quote ---Visit the Final Fantasy 7 Remake page on the PlayStation Store by searching for it.
Find the "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE upgrade for PS4 version owners" Add-On to download and install
--- End quote ---

Should do it.

It's all fiance's fault! That was the best reason to bump this thread!  :-P :-P :evil:


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