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How do I update mods listed in the 7th heaven platform?


When i click 'update available' on the following 3 mods:

Battle model swaps OG style by Sega Chief
Mouth Texture replacer by Sega Chief
Reasonable Difficulty mod by hay

there is an error message displayed at the bottom of the screen that reads:

Error installing (mod name) - the mod is queued for install.

How do I update these mods please?

I posted this in the 7th heaven section but got no reply so ...

Sounds like there isn't actually any updates. Sega gets his version numbers mixed up sometimes. It's happened before. You're probably already on the latest versions, but the metadata inside the mods is wrong so it only THINKS there's an update, and fails when it tries to install the same version over itself... Reasonable Difficulty is a dead giveaway. That mod's like 10 years old. There ain't no updates for that.


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