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Hi everyone,

I was thinking about FF7 Final Mix+ mod the other day since a playthrough popped up today on my youtube list, I tried googling for it but there doesn't seem to be anything anywhere regarding this mod, does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!!!

Final Mix was never finished and never released to the public. One day the models may be released, but as they are ripped from other games, they will not be allowed here.

Yeah, I saw the youtube playthrough, funny but not my cup of tea due to consistency and not matching the OG art, but that's just all about preferences. Also as bonez mentioned it contain a ton of ripped models from other games so you will never see it here. Grimmy was the author.

However, observing a couple of scenes there are certain original iconic models which are extremely cool. Would be interesting to know the authors and maybe have it back as an optional iro package with their consense. EDIT: Well, now is out on nexus. MH.

Battle Models
-Grimmy's Emerald (19:44), Ruby (20:47), Ultima (46:09), Diamond (50:28), Sapphire (37:12) (diverse)
-Rebirth Sephiroth (47:19) (Author: jusete) (crisp)

World Models
-Gold Saucer (18:28) on world map (diverse)

Funny Alternative
-Were XIII (38:44) (Author: Wolfman) (Red XIII transformation - Would be cool to have it as Nino Battle Model alternative.)
-Seto (30:46) (Field and Battle Model - nice for simulator battle/mod purpose)

Kurado, My Diamond weapon model is available here on my models thread Not sure why the pics aren't working on my post.

As Bonez said FM+ was never publicly released. A few people have my subscription link as seen in the above playthrough, but I am not currently sharing it with anymore testers. It would require another few hundred hours of work to be released and that won't happen here. A release would most likely happen on YouTube and I am unsure if I will ever have the passion to finish the project.


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