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Looking for a mod - the enemy's health in the tooltip



I'm currently playing the New Threat mod, and noticed that when you use sense on an enemy, it will show the enemies HP in the battle tooltip for the rest of the battle.
Is there a mod that will always show the health of an enemy in the tooltip?
Either, when you've sensed that enemy type at least once, or just forever always, sans using a sense on it.


If I remember right, this is the default behaviour in vanilla, but had a HP cap (30k?) where it didn't work due to the limited values.

Ochu by DLPB_ had a number of small hacks, one of them increasing the sense cap to 65k. Any futher modifications would require hacking the exe.

The New Threat mod mimics vanilla's default behavior, although its inability to function is a result of HP limits imposed by restrictive parameters, with one of them raising the threshold to 65k.

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