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FFVII 7th Heaven Disc 2 and Disc 3?


So I recently bought FFVII via and it's the first time I use 7th Heaven Mods. I notice that it inserts Disc 1 in my PC, so I was wondering:

'Does it automatically detect if I am finished on Disc 1 and is now on Disc 2 or Disc 3?'

I'm worried that it won't detect that my save file is on Disc 2 or Disc 3, since years ago I always grind for OmniSlash at Disc 1. I'm worried my grinding would be wasted if this 7th heaven fails to properly detect what disc am I on.

And, what if I started a new game? Let's say on SAVE1 GAME 1, I finished the game. But, I decided to start again and save on SAVE1 GAME 2. Will 7th Heaven be able to detect that this GAME 2 is on Disc 1 or will it immediately insert Disc 3 (as it detects Disc 3 from my finished GAME1 file)? Sorry if it's a long question, it's my first time modding.


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