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[FF7PC-98] Higher Resolution - Part II (v1.00)(Discontinued, use Aali's driver)

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The SaiNt:

For those of you that follow the battle->field conversion thread

And for ppl who just can't get enough of FSAA

Experimental Billinear Interpolation (Not activated in this patch cause it looks ugly]

World Map: 100%
Field: 100%
Movies: 100%
Menu: 100%
Battle: 99%
Misc: 80%

And finally, here's a beta release of the patch:-[The_SaiNt]_High_Res_FF7PC_Patcher.rar

Pls link to this thread if you tell anyone about the patch and not to the file directly as this allows me to keep statistics about downloads.
I would appreciate it if I get feedback on how many installs actually work (not just complaints on how many don't work) since I'll be able to troubleshoot what's broken.


What does this patch do?
This patch makes FFVII PC run at 1280x960. (twice the horizontal and vertical resolution).
It also fixes the FSAA artifacts so you can use this patch with FSAA on.

What isn't fixed yet?
Most of the battle animations that draw a texture aren't stretched properly. (They occupy the top left corner of the screen)
The credit afte the EIDOS and Squaresoft logo are messed up.

Why do the backgrounds still look blocky?
This patch only increases the resolution of the 3D models.
The backgrounds are just stretched to fit using nearest neighbour.
Billinear interpolation might be implemented in the future if I have the time and figure how to do it without causing any artifacts.

What do I need to install this patch?
You need the FFVII PC US 1.02 executable and the US version of FFVII PC and be able to start the game with it installed.
Other versions will NOT work, so don't even bother asking.
Your monitor & video card must also be able to display a resolution of 1280x960. (Check in Windows Display settings)

I have an LCD monitor that doesn't support 1280x960!
If your monitor supports 1280x1024 then apply the 2nd patch in the download package after applying the main patch.
This pads the screen with black bars to make it fit.
It DOES NOT increase the resolution.

Will you ever support other resolutions?
Maybe, only if I have the time.
But probably only for resolutions that are a multiple of 320x240
That is only likely to be done after I iron out all the bugs in the current patch.

Does this patch work with xxxx patch?
Any patch that does not alter the FFVII main executable will work fine.
For any patch that does, there might be problems.
Also it is important to apply this patch BEFORE applying any other patches.
For convenience sake, this patch includes jedwin's Chocobo patch for Windows XP.

When the game is paused in battle, all battle help text and textures slowly "scroll" through the texture sheet moving to the upper left.
This is a bug in the 1.02 executable and has nothing to do with this patch.

I get a black screen when I start the game right after I apply the patch
Check to see if you have Win98/ME compatibility mode enabled if you're using Windows XP.
Also check to see that you can play the FFVII movies directly in media player.
Also check that you have 640x480 & TNT selected in the FFVII Config.

After patching the game runs really slow on my PC! Can you make it faster?
NO. I'm not going to optimize the FFVII render code.
I have hardly any free time to work on this patch.

Can the patch work on the French/German/etc language version?
I can't confirm it myself but apparently it will but you still need to use the US 1.02 executable.
The following forum member managed to get it working, here's a snippet of his guide.

--- Quote from: TazDef ---Here is the tutorial for applying the great HighRes Patch on non-english versions:

1. Make a fresh FULL install from your original FFVII CD.
2. Get the english 1.02 XP Patch.
3. Overwrite the original FF7.exe and the FF7Config.exe in your Gamefolder with the patched ones found in the archive.
4. Apply Saints great HighRes Patch, just like posted in these thread.
5. Replace your language-code from following files:

..\data\minigame\high-ge.lgp (YES it's "-" in stead of "_")
..\data\minigame\snowboard-ge.lgp (YES it's "-" in stead of "_")

-> into filename_us.lgp (ie. ..\data\cd\cr_gm.lgp -> ..\data\cd\cr_us.lgp)

6. Remove the language-letter form follwing files:


(ie. ..\FFVII\data\field\gflevel.lgp -> ..\FFVII\data\field\flevel.lgp)

These are the german files, if you want to patch another version, just look for the same files ending with your language code (ie. _sp for spanish or _fr for french, _it for italian i guess). The files beginning with g, in my german version, should start with s, f or i, relating to your language.

After doing so, you should be able to play the game in HighRes and in your language. Only the Menu still remains in english, but this should not to be a problem.
--- End quote ---

I have some other problem that isn't stated in the FAQ. What do I do
Read through the original thread here and the remainder of this thread over and see if it answers your question.
If it doesn't go ahead and post your question in this topic, hopefully someone will be able to help you.

okie, anyway, here starts off my question.

1st, this is how i updated my FFVII:

1st off, i started of up updating the FF7Config and FF7.exe to 1.02. I tried to start the game, everything went well.

2ndly, i installed the Reunion patch, went into game, everything went smooth.

3rdly, i tried to install the Higher Resolution Patch, it either says that the filesize is incorrect, or it says that CRC check error or something like that. I can't check it now for the reason that I just reformatted my PC, so FFVII is not installed yet.

Note: I tried to install the Chocobo patch first before the Higher Resolution patch, but still to no avail.

So, what I'm trying to say is that, maybe someone can try to make a patch with everything inside that will work with all patches(file request), OR can someone copy the FSAA settings for rivatuner for me, as i lost it during reformat.

Thanks in advance, its my first post btw, but it won't be the last. =p

Hmm incorrect file size? How old is your game?

Your game is the English version, right?

Yeah, its english. Legit version of the copy.

Well, around like 6 years. Theres always a headache in such things for me. lols.

PS: For people who doesn't want to read the long topics worth 20 pages, post here =p


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