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There a large request in the Game Tweaking Forums for a Voice-Over Mod. There's plenty of talents who would opt for a Voice-Over role, but a dedicated individual, or group of Programmers would be needed to finish it. The thread can be found here for anyone wishing to discuss it:

JOIN THE CASTING CALL! Now Available at:

So how about you show us what you can do as actors and directors? :P It's not required to modify FF7 itself to show how it would look like. You can record some scene and mix in the sound.

That would be good actually.  A little preview of what we might be going to get our lucky hands on if this comes to fruition. :-D

I'd be interested in working on some of the more technical areas. I could probably make a good Cid, but there's undoubtedly someone better.
You need to work out certain things like who is going to talk, you need to touch up the script a bit where there's translation errors, decide what "#(@%)" means and if you're going to vocalize those (I think you should personally), and you need to take into account tutorials and areas where you are given instructions. You could make this look better by using Loveless to redesign the instructions, so instead of Barrett vocally saying "Hold [Cancel] to Run." (or something close to that) there's a different style box saying that, omitting that from Barret's voice.
Finally, quality is a MUST. You cannot have adolescent, cracking voices for any of the prominent characters. Severe turn-off, right there.

Anyways, I'd be willing to do some work on the dialog boxes and script if you're interested in doing that. 

Tsetra, send me an E-mail with your proposition. My E-mail Address can be found in the Casting Call thread.


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