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Hey, I don't know if you all tried that already but I got an idea. Instead of trying to encode the voices to be played on a movie clip file when a character have a dialogue on (ex. when Sephiroth have a dialogue "But they... Those worthless creatures are stealing the planet from Mother" during Cloud's flashback), you should all just import the movie clip file that has a script inside of the movie (ex. jenova_e.avi) using Windows Movie Maker (or other video editing programs) and then add the .wav files of voice(s) inside of the movie clip. Scoot the .wav files over until it fits the character's lip-sync. After you do that, you should export the project into .avi file since the ff7 movie clips are played in .avi files while playing ff7. Then you name the new movie clip file the same name of the movie clip you imported in the Windows Movie Maker project (ex. if you imported "jenova_e.avi" into the Windows Movie Maker project, name it "jenova_e.avi" also. Make sure the movie file you exported is in the same quality as the movie clip file you imported into the Windows Movie Maker project). After you get your new movie file you exported from Windows Movie Maker, "open the C:\Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\movies" folder and make sure you backup the old movie file in a safe place and then replace the old movie clip file with the new one you created. After that, play FF7 and when it plays a movie clip on an FMV, it should play the new .avi movie clip you replace the old one with in the "movies" folder with voices in the new FMV movie clip you exported.

I never tried to do that it just my guess. I could be right or i could be wrong. But I think it's a good try. If anybody try that idea, can you let me know the results? Can you let me know if it works or not? Thank you!

In theory, that would be the ideal solution, but IIRC Final Fantasy VII cutscenes used a video codec that effectively no longer exists. Windows Movie Maker may or may not be able to decode it, and even if you can, chances are you can't reencode it using the same codec. If they're using directshow, that won't be a problem, but if FFVII has it's video decoder built in, you can't alter the videos and make working replacements.
Plus there's no way to reencode the video without losing quality, although you could theoretically rip out the audio stream and then reattach it.
This could be possible, and if it is, it could make life way easier.

Ya really think so? I think it may or may not work too even though I never tried that idea. It was just my guess because I want to try to make the FF7 Voice-Over Project easier. I'm glad to hear your opinion about this idea. I wonder what FF7Voice team or others will think about this idea too.

It's actually not that hard to encode a video for FF7. You can even improve the quality of the videos to a limited extent.
However, by using this method we would have to redistribute the FF7 movies - copywritten material - with the program. By having the program play the sound instead, we avoid legal liabilities.

Plus the fact that including movies would make the finished product much bigger to release.

And the way its going to be handled is actually to identify the specific frames of the movie where voice is needed so the sound file and movie should experience no lag hence the whole implementation you suggested would have no real advantage.


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