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[FF7PC] Chibi Reconstruction Project (2009-08-13)

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Murak Modder:
EDIT: okay, its practically done for the 'important' people, with some texture fixes.

EDIT 2: download link.

Okay, i was just going through the char.lgp as i was working on some models, then on the ID list I have, i noticed the fancy train model cloud model.

so, i whipped this up in about 5-10 mins, and i have to say, i think its a lot better and looks like it belong even if it makes the other people look bad when compared to him! XD

here's some screens showing him compared to the original, normal model and sword model.

(note, both models are the same size and all animations work, its just hard getting them the same size in kimera)

decided on a list of people to redo currently.

Avalanche <the main 9 people <including variant outfits> + biggs, wedge, jesse and Marlene>

Shinra <people in the shinra building in the suits/dresses, Rufus, the president, palmer, Scarlet, hedigar, hojo, the MP grunts, the red guards, Zack, etc>

Nibleheim <Zangan, Tifa's father, Cloud's mother>

Gold Saucer <Dio, people who manage the place>

Kudistos Megistos:
His eye  :-o

Well it's certainly an improvement (and it's impressive that you did this so quickly). But isn't Apz making a chibi Cloud right now?

Hmmm, if you can do this so quickly, perhaps you could edit all of the field models given a week or so  :-P

i c that u applied the hand-patch here already, well done :)

I hate to be a bother..
the only version of the hand patch that i can find is

 FF7PC Hand Patch mod v01.6

Is there a more up to date version.. or is this the last of them?
Cause i do prefer the chibi models over the tall ones.


actually im not quite sure... but wut is wrong with that version u got?


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