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WIP / Final Fantasy 9 camera
« on: 2017-06-10 19:30:45 »
I have started to work on recreating the first room in the game, the one with the candle. I have got a rough outline of the room and I want to take it into blender to start add tons of detail to it. Problem is I don't have the original camera from the game, or how wide the lens on the camera was. I don't know how people did it with the FF7 backgrounds. Is there some way to get the camera information into blender so I can render it out so it matches the original background?

Archive / Final Fantasy IX-2 (Complete)
« on: 2017-06-08 11:28:25 »

This mod's purpose is to restore Final Fantasy 9 to it's original state then enhance the game and turn it into a less "kiddy" game. Final Fantasy 9 while being the most beautiful looking and sounding game in the series is known to be very childish and at times silly. We're not 12 years old anymore and most of us probably can agree on that the game suffers from a lot of rubbish that should be thrown out or modified. It's important to note that this is just an idea and that the mod might not even be possible to create, but good ideas are good.

Port issues

The first thing this mod would fix are all the issues that came with the android port, this mod is not meant for android devices which is why the following "features" will be completely removed from the game.

•All the cheats, you'll not even find them in the config menu.
•Resized battle UI.
•Resized character menu.
•Changed font.
•Standard encounter rate restoration.
•All broken sounds will be fixed.
•No skipping of videos.
•No chat/card icons.
•Restored mist to the world map.
•New medieval window theme.
•No autosaving

New characters

This mod is going to enhance every one of the original cast members and turn them into more mature versions of themselves. This goes for all the villains and minor characters too, below are suggestions for possible modifications.

Zidane (Arl):
This guy is going to be made 15 years older, he'll not be have a raging boner for the princess instead he'll be a professional thief, cold and tough. His only goal is to get the job done, take the princess to the king then get back to his drink. In that respect he'll be more like Amarant just more of a no nonsense guy. He'll still be a blonde but he'll be wearing armor in battle and instead of knives and a two bladed sword he'll be using a bow.

This girl will stay about the same age, but she'll get a new personality and hair color. She'll be a ginger with an attitude, instead of being insecure about how she carries herself she'll be a spoiled princess that is raging mad that some thief kidnapped her. Later on she'll soften up and become attracted to Zidane. She's also not be wearing that orange outfit but a princess's casual dress, think of sleeping beauty or snow white.

Vivi (Gauvain):
The black mages come from the earlier Final Fantasy games and while they're great looking for what the Final Fantasy games tried to achieve it's hard to take these living dolls seriously. He is also like eight years old which is kind of silly, who would take an eight year old with you on a grand adventure to save the world. Therefore he is going to be made into an old wise wizard, someone the party looks up to for guidance. He is often going to be arguing with Zidane about what's the wise thing to do but at heart he'll be kind and loving towards all of the party members.

He is going to remain the general of the knights of pluto, but every goofy aspect of this character is going to be scratched. He is going to be given a beautiful mustache and a beautiful armor, he'll be the perfect gentleman with a pipe in his mouth. He is very posh but also strong and he'll think little of Zidane the thief, he went after the princess to bring her back at the orders of the queen but often get distracted by bottles of fine wine, he is very stoic in his own way and not much phases him.

The Tantalus bandits:
These are going to be cruel bastards, they'll joke about raping the princess before handing her over to the king. Zidane is going to have to intervene to prevent this from happening, really bad guys. One of them will be slain at the hands of Steiner after the ship crashes.

The black mages:
These won't be mages but slaves that Kuja sold to the queen from the outer continent. Black tribesmen that are used as slaves by the queen. When the party encounter these people in Dali they're not going to be portrayed as innocent puppies, but what they are barbarians. On the outer continent they engaged in cannibalism and crude sacreficial rituals, the party is going to be surrounded by these rabid warriors after they uncover what is going on and has to flee on a ship.

King of Burmecia:
This man won't be a frog or an oglop. All that is going to be scratched, he is going to be a regal king who sent for Garnet because of the madness of Queen Brahne.

Queen Brahne(Maxine):
We'll have this woman lose weight, she'll have gaunt cheeks and she'll be dressed in a black dress. Ghastly looking old evil hag, we need a scene in which she whips some of the slaves she bought from Kuja for fun.

No she won't be a rat, she'll be turned into a very attractive blonde warrior. Her personality could stay as it is, she'll just be redesigned as will all the rats into more of a nordic viking type of society, a warrior society. They're famous for hunting dragons and are therefore a mighty people hidden in the mountains. Steiner will take a liking to her but she'll dismiss him for being too posh unlike her viking man Fratley.

This man will be a huge bulking viking type of guy, if Freya was impressive this guy will look like a greek god, absolute perfection clad in a shimmering silvery armor, just as cold as before.

Prince Puck(Anders):
We'll change this boy into a little blonde farmer boy instead, no rats. But he can keep his attitude and age.

I think she could probably remain as she is, she is already of the more mature characters in the original game. A redesign is in order though, some new outfit, armor definitely.

Kuja's feminine qualities must go but he'll remain a mage. He'll still be slightly posh but not as flamboyant, he'll be cold and silent and very much in control. He'll be wearing very fine clothes but they'll not be as revealing. In the original game he was very flamboyant, that will be replaced with an attitude of disgust around people. He will share certain qualities with the queen, he really hates those slaves he enslaved and wants to see the south continent burn, instead of trying to overthrow Garland he is going to be very loyal to him and in awe of his powers.

Quina(No name):
He'll not be a fat toad eater, he'll be a muscular wild man. Think Sabin/Gau in Final Fantasy 6, all the frog crap will be scratched. He is mute and can't speak so he'll just be this psycho animal that follows the party around everywhere.

This guy won't be seen in any scenes until the party reaches the outer continent, he is actually one of the cannibals, he saw his people be enslaved by Kuja and he wants to ritually consume Kuja's flesh. He is going to try to eat the princess in the summoner village, there might be a scene where she has been undressed and her bum is in the air and this freak is going to start eating her but then Zidane comes and kicks his ass. He joins the party because...he knows the secrets of the lifa tree and is later tamed somewhat.

This girl we turn into an old granny, very capable summoner and role model for Garnet.

This man is going to remain as he is.

Thorn Zorn(Humbi Bumbi):
These jesters can remain as goofy as they are, might make them a bit taller though.

A redesign is all that's needed.

Not sure what to do about these teddy bears, they'll have to go somehow.

Dr Tot:
Can remain as he is just obviously a more realistic design to this scholar.

Major story/scene changes

Almost every scene is going to be changed in some ways, but the most important changes that might alter the story a lot or might require lots of work are the following:

•The summoner village (She won't be eight, she'll not have moogles and "amarant" will try to eat the princess.)
•The black mage village (This will be the cannibal village, lots of gore and wild men trying to cook someone alive, complete redesign of the town needed.)
•The oglop/toad issue with the king, he is not a toad so many of the problems that arose because of his sickness has to be altered or removed.

Other modifications
All boss fights in the game will be made harder from the very start of the game and all the silly enemies will be redesigned. Every character in the game will have it's proportions fixed, no more characters with huge heads. They'll look more like Final Fantasy 8's characters, and no odd elephant creatures, everyone will be human. Cutscenes and dialouge will be altered and entire sections of the game like the love letter sequence and other such scenes will be cut. The music will be replaced with nice remastered music from the original game or by new sounds that are appropiate for the new theme. New scenes and locations rendered will retain the same resolution as the original backgrounds so they don't look out of place. The game will be forced to run in 640x480 mode so the resolution of the models matches the backgrounds.


Support / Final Fantasy 9 mods: UI/Backgrounds/Cheats
« on: 2017-05-27 12:13:56 »
I got the pc port and was immediately struck by some things that even make the original on an emulator look better. The UI is way too big in battle, it looks really bad, when you approach NPCs icons appear above them to indicate you can talk to them, it's just an ugly distraction imo, how to disable it? The characters are way too sharp and don't look like they fit into the pixelated backgrounds and the cheat option in the config menu is just retarded.

Is there something akin to a patch for these things? I found some guy who had put a filter on all the FF9 backgrounds, I'm not sure how it looks ingame if it's an improvement or not so possible the character/background thing is fixed already. Is there some mod for the battle UI? and lastly is there some way to disable cheats. I have looked at both this forum and the steam forum and even on google and there are 30 pages long threads discussing how to mod it and somewhere in there you might find a link or two.

Anyone who got the links for the fixes? I would really appreciate it.

General Discussion / Replaying FF7
« on: 2016-05-25 21:22:37 »
After finally having played crisis core I got an urge to replay the old ff7 game. I have a playstation rom and wonder if there are any mods that you guys would recommend one to install on the playstation version of ff7. There are so much stuff on this site that I don't know what to download, how could i enhance the ff7 experience. Is there a mod that references crisis core, because that would be cool.

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