Author Topic: Steam (2013) Version - Borderless Full-Screen  (Read 658 times)


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Steam (2013) Version - Borderless Full-Screen
« on: 2021-12-03 14:30:42 »
Just dropping a note for anyone else who might find this useful, since most FF games (especially when doing Nth play-throughs) often benefit from a LOT of Alt-Tabbing to consult check lists, missed items, etc and in my own experience, doing so while running FF VIII with Tonberry+mods was causing a lot of graphic issues as well as random unhandled exception crashes, which was bad.

Anyways, the solution I found was a little $4 Steam "app" called Borderless Gaming.
There's others like it, but that's the one I have, and after some testing it seems to behave absolutely as it should with FF VIII.  You start up the game in whatever resolution that equates to native full screen on your monitor (4k in my case) but do NOT enable Full Screen on the launcher.  Once the game launches, fire up Borderless gaming and you've got a wonderful full-screen borderless window that pauses when in background (assuming that option is chosen) and doesn't corrupt or crash due to tabbing back and forth.

So again.. just thought someone else might find this info useful, as I saw quite a few ways to handle this for FF VII and several of the newer/remastered titles, but hadn't noticed anything that seemed to specifically apply to original/2013 FF VIII except FFNx which doesn't work for anyone using Tonberry and its supported texture mods.

Happy gaming.  ^_^