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Completely Unrelated / Re: How old is everyone? v2
« on: 2019-08-27 12:29:17 »
Wow, ten years ago I posted here I was 20. Seems like a lifetime ago. :)

Completely Unrelated / Re: Wow, is this place still here!
« on: 2018-06-27 21:54:06 »
And I'll still be working on the retranslation project in another 10....
We'll keep checking every few years or so. Keep up the good work.

Completely Unrelated / Free gameservers!
« on: 2015-08-25 13:56:04 »
Need a gameserver? Want to help me test a few? I need people to help me test a few gameservers. Get your own private gameserver for free as long as you're helping me test these things! Pay the server rent with feedback! Contact me if you think you can help. Please put the desired game in the message. Thanks!

(This might sound very ad-like but I am in no way making any money of off this. I'm testing the limits of my new hardware for our next LAN party. I need to be able to run at least 20 servers of different games simultaneously. Also, when not at a LAN, I want to be able to host for the friends I have which can't afford monthly server rents.)

2x Xeon E3-1240v3
4x 256 GB SSD (raid 0)
500/500mbit fiber connection
Off-site backup

In my daily job I'm a the systems administrator for a large-ish software company so I got this covered, no worries.  :mrgreen:

Lol, I laugh at how pessimistic some of you can be. It;s not like the original is running away. And if you only wanted better graphics go install some mods. I hope they change shitloads except for the core story.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Off to Japan
« on: 2015-01-04 10:31:12 »
Bring souvenirs please. :)

I finished playing it weeks ago, I'm on my second playthrough. There's a New Game+ feature, along with things you can only do on the second playthrough (special missions that require you to have done the regular story mission first, as well as side high-level missions that are way too hard for the first playthrough), and there's a boss (8-Arms Gilgamesh) you can only fight on the third playthrough and up. There are items, spells and summons you get only the second time you do these in the story too. Also Agito Tower, which is hell of a dungeon. 6 floors with each 100 of a particular enemy. First floor is 100 Tonberries, at some point there are 100 Behemoths, and you end up fighting Space Malboro (apparently easy compared to the rest - I never made it past the first floor). Winning gets you a dark soul (Request item you need to give to someone to get I don't know what) and Proof of Agito, basically the best accessory in the game - and probably one of the most powerful accessories in the FF franchise. Overall a really good and enjoyable game, I would buy a PS4 just for that game if there's Japanese voice acting. I can't stand the English voices.
qft(!) Also hope they sync up the lip movement a bit, it seemed odd at times. After seeing (and hearing) the english trailer there HAS to be an language option because even in the trailer the voices already sucked compared to the japanese PSP voices. If they're even gonna do English voices because I think they see it a as a rebuild-for-next-gen and cash.

5) Will Type-0 HD's development delay Final Fantasy XV at all?

Tabata, who is both directing Type-0 and co-directing Final Fantasy XV, says no. XV, which was first announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII almost a decade ago, is their top priority.

"So I had personally, I do want to really kinda push the install-base for PS4 and Xbox One in Japan as well," Tabata said. "I believe that FFXV would play a big factor in that, so I'm prioritizing my time for the development of that, to make sure it releases as soon as possible. Currently for the other titles I'm directing, including Type-0, since we're not building the game ground up, the contents already exist. We're at the point where we're just fine-tuning and balancing the game. My personal time spent on the tuning and balance and whatnot is about 10-20% of my time.

"We have an amazing development team working on this project that I trust, and there are segments that I kinda leave it up to them to make the final calls on."
But that's just speculation.

Starting on new game+ now!

Completely Unrelated / Re: Random Links
« on: 2015-01-04 00:27:09 »
Guy I once gave a black mage mousepad is now using it as a rolling table, lol.

Just finished the PSP version. Can't believe this wasn't released over here. Hands down one of the top 3 best in the franchise to me.

That is exactly my current job.

L. Spiro
By proper fps we mean at least a steady 60. :P


I enjoyed a lot the gba version of FFI and FFII, but couldn't get to the end of FFIV remake. However, we have to admit that in some cases, like with PC rerereleases, they made a deconstruction... Just look and compare:

Psx version:

Steam "HD" version:

It's not just the blurry garden but the field and mountains mesh... a completely mess u.u
It has been this way since the first PC release though. :(

Only found out today, totally missed this topic! Instabought it nonetheless. :) Finished 13 in 53 hours according to Steam so it was way cheap for the amount of playtime I got. :)

Didn't get the chance to play either of these on consoles so really glad its almost here. Also this should be better ported than the previous one and also should have multiple resolution and graphical settings.

Completely Unrelated / Re: The truth and other lies...
« on: 2014-11-23 00:25:48 »
Please name me any country that has ~3000 deaths due to international terrorism on a day by day basis.....

America has accounted for almost 8% of the world's fatalities due to international terrorism for the past 50 years. We're a target and have every reason to treat it with caution.

Not everyone is affected by these incidents, but all it takes is one family member or friend to be involved and it becomes a big deal to everyone they know.
Maybe that's their own fault? I mean, I live in Europe, we got terrorism, yes. But in my country hardly any. Let alone enough to reach a decent amount of families, and we also have a way smaller population. That's because (I think) our country has a neutral attitude towards certain stuff that's not their business (like supposedly WMD's). If our army is on foreign affairs, it's always a help mission, never a fight mission. Even if UN requires us to "fight" alongside some countries like the USA, we're only cleaning up the mess (putting bandages on the survivors of both camps).

If they really were eager to help then where are the armies in North Korea and a lot of African countries? Oh wait, there's no oil there, only in Syria (ok ok that's Africa, but its a really tiny part).

But all that is not taking into accounts half of the "terrorism" over there is probably staged by the government itself. A thought I share with a decent amount of people (even some Americans) is that the USA is hardly a first world country. It's more like the screamy kid from the waaay too rich parents which allow everything and everyone had to sit by and just nod occasional so they don't take in a fit. No offense on any of you here of course, only the American government in general. I mean, I still like Hollywood movies and cheeseburgers and stuff. :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: Need new high-end laptop
« on: 2014-10-13 15:15:33 »
I agree with everyone that you should not buy a laptop for gaming purpose unless you absolutely need to. Do you really intent to play on a lot of locations? Also, wanting decent performance on a laptop means reaching deep into your pockets. There is some decent hardware out there, but it's just really expensive!

On that note, you could probably buy a decent gaming rig and have some money left for a simple laptop (or even a tablet!). This is all assuming a decent gaming laptop costs about < 1000 euros (some people have other definitions of "decent").

Halfway through the game right now. Haven't seen anything gamebreaking and works fine for me out of the box. Used GeDoSaTo for higher resolution because it looks better but it wasn't bad to start with. The download size wasn't a problem for me either, Steam gave a solid 22,5 MB/s, took about 40 minutes.

I did however get a few fps drops at the weirdest moments (i.e. nothing happening, only very little to render), none of my hardware seems to be under any load at that time either, so I think it's a "port thing".

This is on a 4770K with a R9 290 btw.

Also I only play with xbox360 wireless controller on a projector. :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: Windows 10 REVEALED
« on: 2014-10-05 19:47:12 »
Worst thing is that they charge you for each modification they are doing, calling it a new version...
It's going to be a free update for Win8.1 users.

Completely Unrelated / Re: R9 285 or GTX 760?
« on: 2014-09-21 13:02:17 »
Maxwell is a pretty impressive piece of hardware. 980 beats my 290x at almost half the wattage of my furnace.
Yeah but winter is coming man. Wouldn't wanne miss my furnace at this time, I like warm feet. :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: R9 285 or GTX 760?
« on: 2014-09-11 09:46:52 »
For that money you could also buy a second hand R9 290, which is way more performance than both those cards. Most of the second hand ones are new enough to still be in warranty and all.

Helped out a few of my friends which are happy now. Though the reference cooler cards make a lot of noise while gaming, shouldn't matter much if you have a decent case. (For instance, I have a Fractal Design R2 XL and can barely hear it under load.)

Completely Unrelated / Re: New Joint Youtube Channel
« on: 2014-09-11 09:41:53 »
The sound quality is horrible. It made me put it off. Just saying (if I do that, others will also).

Try keep the background noise to a minimum, I heard other people talking on the background for instance. Also try a quality microphone so there wont be as much static.

If it's easy to listen to, all you have to do is make it interesting and people will watch it. :)

Get a real job then, it'll be more profitable.

(Do this maybe on the side, to get some extra stuff, dont let your food depend on this!)

Don't forget, every computer shop has software tools like these, yet they all succumb to the current economy and the big names.

I think the market is oversaturated and a lot more people are doing "scary command line stuff" nowadays, because Google actually has enough simple resources on it these days.

Only way you'll make it in IT in general is by having an expertise in something, and not to be a dick, but a software tool doesn't make anyone an expert data recovery engineer.

As I said, I don't wanne be a dick, but I also don't want to see people put money into stuff that will miserably fail (like setting up shop).

Completely Unrelated / Re: I quit my job
« on: 2013-11-08 22:45:26 »
please, we just want to know if the part time job involves sex.

This will only ever work if this will be complemented with a hypervisor that'll allow people to run Windows only games. 80% of my Steam library are Windows games.

Running Windows inside a VM will reduce performance greatly though, maybe they fixed it somehow. It'll still cost a Windows license and seeing as SteamOS is free I wouldnt bet on it.

Completely Unrelated / Re: A solid ground
« on: 2013-08-14 09:00:13 »
Grrr, talk about bad luck! :-[ There was a really shitty storm out here last night and my provider had some issues... Everything was down for about 3 hours after my post! When I'm not tinkering with it anymore it will be hosted on a server in a datacentre. (In a week or so.)

And Covarr you are right, that's what I meant with "the biggest ones" but can you really feel comfortable there? I've tried it a lot for some time but Reddit never got to me, too much spam, users only going for karma and stuff. Don't you agree?

Completely Unrelated / A solid ground
« on: 2013-08-13 22:26:46 »
Hi everyone,

I'm here this time to shamelessly link my own site. Here's the deal; During my years on the internet I've been in quite some online groups and communities. However, after a while communities evaporate and the bonds you had with people seems to die off after a while. Even here on Qhimm, I used to be a regular but you know how it goes, things change, you don't feel as comfortable as you did anymore and you find yourself checking a site less and less, and when we check the site we just browse, not really trying to blend in to the community anymore.

It's natural how these situations develop themselves but somehow I feel to urge to stop it, at least for myself. The thing is, the main reason I think people move away from a community after some time is just because they are not really into the thing the community is about anymore. Like Qhimm, I used to tinker around with files and stuff from FF7 daily but I can't see myself doing it anymore, I'm just not that into it anymore. I learned a lot from it but my interests have developed and I do other things now (like this project I'm telling you about).

Anyway so I've set up a forum. I hear you think: "How are you solving this by creating ANOTHER online community?" Well, the theory is, the forum I set up is about anything and for anyone. Not just Final Fantasy, not just gaming, not just anything related to both of those but everything. The idea I have of it is it having a decent community after some time (might be years, I'm in no rush) and users can move about the boards as their age and interests change. We've all seen this work with the biggest forums but I want this place to feel like the home we've had a lot of times on the net.

This is just my idea, and I alone am never enough to do it all, but I made a start. Some people who think the same might be willing to help out, you never know. I'm not advertising this site anywhere else, I post it here on Qhimm because last week when I checked these forums it's when it hit me, so I kind of feel obligated. Also I don't feel like advertising this site because I want a community to form naturally from posts and content (but this takes time, and an initial userbase).

(I'm sorry if this is considered spam and against forum rules, please notify me if this is the case.)

Also, this topic would be the ideal location to let me know you think this idea sucks. :P

Completely Unrelated / Re: Favorite FF quotes
« on: 2013-04-27 13:51:34 »
I dreamt I was moron.
-Squall about being in the dreamworld as Ward.

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