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Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2021-11-12 09:08:57 »
the link from the first post actually isn't dead - i just downloaded it, but you may have to right click on the link, copy it, then paste in a new tab/window

these forums have been doing that for awhile, ever since the switch to https i think - and unfortunately there's not much of a maintenance crew here to fix things either

I managed to download the file, unfortunately it does not work with the steam version apparently, as well as the PCSX2 emulator, in both situations I get an error that says "Could not find" address.bin ", will attempt pattern scanning for data tables. .. "

I don't really know what the problem is, but I'll keep trying and see if I find any solutions (I have .NET Framework installed)

EDIT: I found the solution, and it is to change the language of the game to English.

Misc. Tools / Re: [FFX] Skill editor - Ronso (v0.3.1.0)
« on: 2021-11-01 17:46:50 »
Hey there, does anybody still have ronso? The links are dead and I cant seem to download anywhere else.

Hello again!  :D

Time has definitely passed, and I wanted to revive this topic that seemed extremely interesting to me.
After the launch of FF8 remaster, this game have managed to capture my interest in playing it again, and I wanted to know if at this time you guys have made some progress, especially Maki who was the genius behind all this.

On the other hand, I would like to share this video that I found, it is from 2017. This guy (apparently, a different person than the one I shared earlier.) managed to make some enemies work with their respective animations.


I hope to hear from you again and your great contribution to this community that completely exceeded my expectations!

Okay. So far this:

The forsaken is fully controlable, although I had to fix like 8-9 DIVIDE BY ZERO errors
Fujin instead- no DIVIDE BY ZERO errors, yet her attack doesn't work.

Here's address for "party in battle":
1CFE74C (FF8 English 2000)
The scheme is like this:
4 bytes:
FF020100 - means:
FF- unused
02- Quistis (third party member)
01- Zell (second party member)
00- Squall (First party member)

so you can change it to even:
FF000000, what means that you'd get three Squalls (they work, but are glitchy)

Unfortunately, this list doesn't seem to work with King Edgar IDs
Any ID bigger than 0F just puts Squall with zero HP.
I'll be digging deeper

I know why. The model ID is stored inside DL, the game finds out the corresponding model ID by doing the [CharaID+CharaID*8] jump and retrieves value at given address. That means it can retrieve some value at weird spots. To avoid that I'm changing register after applying that wicked thing. Finally I'm able to control anything, but:

Still unable to attack, ID is not the same as in any list. I put 9F and got Raijin.

0A is Ward:

Attacks completely fine

20 is cockatrice (fully working)
3F is Chimera (and indeed hangs battle as in wiki)

So yeah, I just ported Enemy control codes to PC version. :)
I'll make tutorial tomorrow (you may need debugger for that)

Gosh, You really are a god in this. These codes are more than 15 years old. So today you achieved something from another world lol.
It is rare that monsters can not attack (just like in the PSX version). That's why the guy who managed to do it with Fujin & Rajin (with their respective limit breaks) is something amazing. It is a pity that he did not share the method through which he did it, besides he does not upload any more videos (at least about two years ago).

P.D: Since you were totally cool with me, and you help me with this, I will make some designs for your post tomorrow!

So... I just tested and casual file renaming works... >_>

I'll keep you update if I made it to control the enemy


That's how looks Zell tricking game in thinking it's Squall (memory hack)

Didn't work for enemy geometry. Looks like I can't just trick the game into model changing, but need to change whole party ID

Wow! That's a big progress. Basically in the PSX version, you had to replace -through codes- a member of your team by a digit (monster), such as here: (He probably replaced Squall with Diablos). I do not know if that information will help you, but I say it just in case you are trying to add a new member to the team - beyond existing ones - that I believe is not possible, but it is simply a stipulation.

Likewise, many thanks for the work you are doing, I truly value it very much, and whatever you need, do not hesitate to ask me. Frankly I do not know much about coding, but if you ask me to do some task (like trying out certain digits to replace models, etc) I learn fast enough and I would devote all afternoon to it.  ;D

That might be tricky

For field models:

1. Open Deling (editor)
2. Select field you want to modify
3. Click on 'Script' tab
4. Select character you want to modify (e.g. Squall)
5. Click on script label with no name
6. On your right you will see "SETMODEL XYZ"
7. Change XYZ to number ID of model you want (You can see the lists of models in '3D Model' section, first entry on list is ID 0, next entry is 1 and etc...)
8. Click on compile on bottom right
9. Click on 'save' icon

You can also grab other file and put it in the field archive to use models from other fields (except exceptions, if some entity use model ID higher than model count)
In the video, you can see Rinoa's father at 7:54. 100% author took the Deling file and put it there

For battle models- there was a PSOne code to change the party to given monster ID. Author in this video claims to work only on file manipulation. I don't believe casual renaming files could work here


Wow, I can not believe you answered me. No more than a few hours ago I subscribed to your channel when I was watching this video:

Thats really insane, you managed to change the animations of the spells in the PC version, which is no small thing.

Regarding to change the battle models, you refer to the codes of King Edgar 0's (, however, in the video the user Is not using the PSX version, rather, it is from PC. And I mention it because Fujin & Rajin can not use the "attack" command (in the PSX version), since that crash the game.

So the person behind the video replace not only the battle models, but also the menu commands with monster / enemies skills. Almost 20 years have passed since the original release of the game, and running into these things drives me crazy. That is why I would like to offer any help needed by the people who make up the FF8 team to achieve that kind of progress.


Hello everyone, this is my first post. I discovered this forum recently, and when I saw the MODs section, I realized that there are a lot of talented people here.

That is why I want to ask you if there is any MOD or tool through which you can achieve this:

Fujin & Rajin (using attacks):

Fujin & Rajin (using limit breaks):

(Here we can see Rajin & Fujin in our party with their limit breaks and custom attacks, they even have their names on the menu)

Replacing field models:

(And the creator of this video managed to replace the field models, so you can walk / run with the model of Edea, Cid, and many others)

I hope you can help me with this, since FF8 is one of the jewels of my childhood, and still today I play it.


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