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A slight niggling issue I have that will probably never be resolved...

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Prince Lex:
So in Aerith's death scene, I have a slight niggling problem that I've never mentioned before because it's so damn inconsequential.

I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but here goes.

Watch the FMV. Skip straight to around 0:45 if you can't be bothered watching the bit before it. In the PSX version, the music begins at almost precisely the exact moment the materia hits the ground, creating what I think is a very emotional effect.

In the PC version, there is a delay. And not just with FF7 music. Even with the horrible original MIDI, there is a delay of about 1 second before the music starts.

Is there any way to fix this? I know the music isn't attached to the video in this instance, so what would we have to edit in order to make it right? Is it even possible?

That's always stuck out to me too. I think in this case it's just a matter of what frame to start the music on. Don't ask me how to determine that or what to change, but that's probably all there would be to it.

This can probably be fixed with makou reactor.  Can't swear to that though but it prob is a script thing.  I will have a look.

If you fix this DLPB you're my hero

I am pretty sure I won't be fixing it, but I can inquire and wind up a few people who do know to move their ass into action.  8)


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