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extracting sound clips from FFVII

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Is there an easy way to do this? All I want to do is get the Ultima materia sound effect and convert it to an .mp3 or something.
Is there any way to pull them from the game files rather than recording "What U Hear?" I don't want background music or anything

Cosmo allows you to extract sounds from FF7.

cosmo095c.rar                                   Ficedula        Tool for editing sounds                 Qhimm FILE

In the menu, select TOOLS | AUDIO EDITOR and open .\data\sound\audio.fmt

A better way is now Luksy's tool

Thanks guys, both are helpful in their own way.

But I used sfxEdit to extract the wav files - it gave me 724 of them. I'm pretty sure I played through every single one but I didn't hear ultima...
Any way to pinpoint it?

I am gonna go through them now and I bet I find it ;)

edit: you didn't look hard enough, I found it within 5 minutes.  First thing to do was to arrange them by filesize large to small.  Then choose ranges that are within the time scale for the effect (I reckoned 3 seconds).  That narrowed it down.

The one you want is 310.


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