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Finishing Touch - Automagically get Q-Gears to run the game! (Revision 3)

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I think it is cool that mods are being made for q-gears, don't get me wrong, but doesn't it seem wiser to fix these issues in source rather than spending time making a band-aid? We don't need to reverse engineer q-gears itself. Q-Gears is the band-aid for the original engine as it is

I don't think Tom knows C++ so thats why hes done it this way, fixing Z order is probably easy. Adding dialogs just needs that section of the  field parsing for PC data and integrating in to SUDM. The nil vars in the script need fixing by extracting the save map from kernel.bin in the installer and changing SUDM to read/write banks from this rather than its own named vars. For mods they can use their own locals in lua scripts however they want - but to get stuff working a Read/WriteBank API is probably going to be a lot easier.

Someone just needs to take the time to do these things :) I can provide help as needed about the structure/solution - not "what does int mean" etc level of help.

Currently, I only do Java programming, visual basic 6 and HTML.  I understand what the c++ does if I look at the files but don't really know how the syntax and all the commands exactly work.  This may change later on if I'm motivated enough to seriously do c++.

Anyways at least I can find all the problems as this is done and point them out in github if I can't fix them.

PS The field converter is better than you think, the amount of code that has to be fixed to have a field working 100% usually does not exceed 20-30 lines of modifications. :) And that's a bit overkill because I changed a lot more than the bare minimum to get them working like convert on/off bits to booleans and renaming labels.

Revision 2 has been released, enjoy :)
Also post any improvements you make on the scripts so I can add them into the mod.

Latest built should install texts now too


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